Friday, July 19, 2013

retro mama

10:41 AM 14

OH MY GOODNESSSSSSSSS, i'm so SO SOOOO EXCITED knowing that i'll be graduating soon :) yes, i did pass everything and my bachelor degree will be right in front of my eyes!
i can't tell how happy i am right now HAHAHAHA :D

despite the proud & excitement i have, there's one little tiny thing that i regret for having this grad... which is; returning back to indo - for good. that breaks my heart, really. i have found new best friends, great family, awesome place & comfortable surroundings that made myself fell in love with melbourne. not that i hate jkt for that matter, but, you know- leaving my "getaway" world will crush me up. i've always hated farewell and there seems nothing good in goodbye, but life goes on without me recognising and i need to catch up like it or not.

alright, i need to stop talking about it or a tear may come out. HA!

wore: kmart blue shirt, bought in hongkong sweater, vintage floral skirt, cambridge satchel union jack bag, zara tights, wittner black strapped heels

fyi, this great vintage skirt i bought at retrostar sale only cost me 5 bucks, man! i'm so into this washed colour nowadays and this skirt just fits me right away. damn, what a great find huh? 

now that i think, my outfits are currently have this retro feeling where they somehow build the mood of nostalgia. i remember when i used to unpack my mom's old wardrobe, the smell of vintage dispersed in the air and a swing melody plays sweetly in my mind. aaaah, home...

anyhow, speaking of retro; firmoo has this great deal that you must check it out:

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Thursday, July 11, 2013

a day to remember, it is

8:28 PM 19
"i would never, ever, change my template, ever, again" 
that's what i thought after i inadvertently changed the html thing in my template. there weren't much changes until i decided to cut and paste a new set of code and ta-da! everything in my sidebar just disappeared. DAMN!

i posted so many things already and can't be bothered to set a new one, really. but, looking at the bright side; it's time to design a fresh face of "a day to remember". it is indeed a day to remember. yes, stay positive, tob! 

anyhow, if you're in for exchange links OR actually have done so, please contact me so i could re-put them ;) 

so, how's your holiday going? all fine, no good, so-so?
mine was like a roller-coaster.  there're times when most of my schedules are clashing and crazily full, but there's also a week (like this week) where i stayed at home doing craps.
in conclusion, i need a more stable life, duh

so, i have this new addictive hobby which consumed most of my holiday. 
making films
i know it sounds ridiculous and pretty random for an accounting & finance student like me, i mean, how and where the hell i could get all the necessary knowledge?
but you know what, all the things you need to produce a good movie is a brilliant story. props, technical problems, and all that shit can be learned easily through the process. well, let me cross the "easily" part because it wasn't easy, but FUN, and it is important to enjoy whatever you are doing. 

so, where all this inspiration came from? 
yeah, last summer, on exam period, i had this little idea to make a movie. with lots of help from friends, we successfully made our first movie. 
amateur one, you could say. but at least, we made one! i actually made it happen!

 here, it's time for you to help me out
give me a chance and watch my short movie here --
i'd love to hear your comments (either good or bad i'll take it all!) 

a couple months ago, Sheila Timothy, Joko Anwar, and Tia Hasibuan came to Melbourne to hold a little workshop at Indonesian Film Festival. it was an amazing chance to actually meet the real deal, and all the things they said pushed me to grab a chance on making my dream comes true.
 now i'm sort of processing my second and third short movies and i hope they'd be great *crossing fingers*

wish me luck?

(i tried to rotate the picture -and i mean seriously tried- but nothing can do. i surrender. thanks)


Tuesday, July 9, 2013

green soul

10:36 AM 18
a sweet sounded murmur passed through my ear,
"hey there, how are you?"
in instance, i was drown into his word
his deep, firm voice attracted every bits of cell in my body
his face was unseen, neither his shadow
but his presence, i could recognised

"hi again, you" i shyly answered
i could feel his breath swept my hair back, 
slowly he touched my shoulder, 
and he seemed to express his lone existence
"may i be your company?"
i smiled, nodded, and walked down the quiet aisle

"tell me, how will it end?"
"it never started at the first place"
"no, it has. now tell me, what kind of ending are you proposing?"
i believed there was a tickling smile that reminded me how imaginative this could be
my skin was stoned cold
and my lips mumbled things i've secretly hid
two, three, or maybe four people walked by,
and stared at me strangely as i talked to myself

i began crying,
my tears burst like the ocean flows its waves
 the fragrance that captivated my rough soul suddenly disappeared
the soft tone of his whistling has vanished
"i'm sorry that i need to let you go"
the warm wind blew remarked his approval
"thank you for being here, you. thank you for being mine. thank you and goodbye"
yes, it was the end

aaand, a lil bit of #ootd in the post, aye?

wore: vintage neon-green sweater & bw blazer, romwe painted skirt, windsor smith brogue, kmart blue shirt

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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

a dark unending misery

9:31 PM 9

a voice sleeps unto my head, reminds me a past i could not forget
something that i've been wanting to erase, but never can
something that may change my future
and build a new crossroad on my path

 i want to cry for something that not yet happen

a prediction that makes me go wild
a hunch that shakes my belief
a flaw that i'm afraid to ruin the self in me

 (featuring. my movie/fashion partner: Dyota Maitri)

i can't stand putting a fake smile to the people i care
where in fact, i'm holding such a painful secret that i myself want to bury
too many, just way too many mistakes i did
and nothing remarks my consciousness

i've gone crazy even just to act like normal human
i've gone far way, where it is unbelievably dark
and i want to trust what one said
that there is a way out

ps. dont take the words too literally, it may comes out as a truth or just a confused confession (which adds the fiction parts) ;)

wore: valleygirl sweater, zara tights, happysocks socks, wittner strappy heels, cotton on knit on hand, vintage denim overall, forever new neon orange belt


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