walk your own path

i haven't done any photoshops for a while, so please excuse my lame edited pictures. i'm still figuring out a new side of me, but it takes time. alright, whatever, i think i'm starting to write random shits due to my clogged brain that is not functioning atm.

well, i just realised that in a certain stage of life, one will realise that she needs to make a tough decision for herself. whether it impacts her present nor future, she needs to stand alone. there might be people behind her back influencing any of her decision whether it's building or destroying, but she - again will represent her own walk. that point, where it will decide where she is going to live her life, is no easy task. it needs fight, consult, talk, cry, plan, and each process prepares her for a step further - and another step - and another - another.  

life is not merely a picture that only can be visualised, it's true, it's alive, she needs to wake up and start to make her imaginations come true. she should stand for her values, her goal, her vision
she (everyone)... needs to walk her own path.

wore: OFFSPRING fringe vintage sweater, OFFSPRING shirt dress, celine shoulder bag, bought at hongkong yellow scarf, sportsgirl grey tights, sportsgirl polka-dots socks, windsor smith brown brogue.



Mrs. Aa said…
nice look :)

warmest regards,
Miss Aa
Love the photos!

Rosalinda Tjioe said…
Omg you're so cuteeeeee love the sweater! xx

aaaw thank you so much for stopping by. i love your style too. so quirky. love it. following your blog now :)

stylefrontier said…
that's a lovely outfit!

style frontier
Hey there

Interesting post
I like your outfit

Thanks for visiting my blog

Unknown said…
You look sooo cute! :D
I love the sweataaa!

crunchy cheese me
Putri Valentina said…
Cool edited and outfit
love the mix dear :D

putri soe said…
Such a quirky look! I love the fringe. Thanks for stopping by my blog!

Cheers from Jakarta,
Unknown said…
super cute scarf!!
and love the whole look!

yonish said…
Such a pretty cardigan. I really like the photos that's taken. It looks very artsy c:


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