like a ghost

im sorry for the sudden disappearance and of course, non-frequent updates on this blog. not that it has became a boredom, but sometimes i lost the mood to type. or even just to post pictures. anyway, ive been feeling crazy lately. im stressed out for not being stressed. i know right, it sounds just weird, but that happens. i have too much free time that sometimes i wonder what the hell am i doing here? i've applied so many job positions but luck hasn't been on my side. also, i feel frustrated whenever i think about my future. the day when i graduate and need to step off from this country. i  honestly feel a connection with melbourne and dont want to leave just yet, but again, i have no reason to stay.

it's sad. i'm sad.
"cheer up, tobi!"
oh well, faking a smile wouldnt hurt 

run away from the pitiful reality, im back with some of my old outfit photos. thanks to ROMWE for providing me this gorgeous animal pattern shirt. i instantly fell in love with its material, silk, and also the cute faces of these zoo occupants.

"raaaaaaaaaawr!" - yes, im so animal themed x

wore: ids horse-pattern dress, romwe animals-pattern shirt (as outer), ruby yellow socks, windsor smith chocolate brogues, bought at hongkong stripey bag



Unknown said…
Awe... everything will be fine. That is all we ever want to hear from others. Best wishes you will get work and the new shirt is so fabulous on you dear! I'm now following and think you are the cutest! xx Pip
Rosalinda Tjioe said…
Looking amazing as always sar :) Love the clash of prints !
Unknown said…
Such a cool outfit love the bag

Carrieanne x
Mrs. Aa said…
nice outer.. spatunya jg suka d <3

really pretty ;)
Very cute!
Unknown said…
You look so great. I love the prints <3<3 and I agree on you about romwe! Hoho

crunchy cheese me
loving the shirt as the outer! <3
Sakuranko said…
Really cute cardigan!

Putri Valentina said…
Love your shoes so much dear :D
Hey there
Thanks for the comment

Interesting outfit
I like your shoes

Ellyzabeth said…
Lovely bag and shoess!!
Great blog! I love everything that's posted here!

Please follow my blog! I'll follow you back!

Milkha Eunike said…
loveeeee your skirt!x
Beauty Follower said…
Sucha a playful outfit!
Shubhi said…
I love every piece in your outfit!
That horse print dress is especially fabulous.

totally quirky and cute.

Unknown said…
super cute dress
Rose Charles said…
Great outfit, you look very pretty.

PS: Please go visit my blog and follow me if you like it. I am new in this world and I am loving it =)
Unknown said…
Tobi! You look freakishly skinny here! D:
sartob said…
Pingkan - lolll maybe i was ping. i was.

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