hipster housemate

mai is one of the closest friends i have (aren't you proud, mai? being close to a "popular - but friendless" girl? hahahaha - oh wait, that's what he called me, not as in literal meaning lol)
and i just love to mention him million times, cz i think i did talk about him in my previous post
anyway, as a regular reader (that's what he said, but who knows he could be bluffing, eh?) YOU should be glad to appear in this blog, mai! treat me dessert after reading this, k?

on our random hipster getaway to chadstone, he put on his hipster look and so did i.
we took hipster photos and i don't know why i keep using hipster in my sentence.
anyhow, it was a good night.

wore: cotton on blue sweater, vintage blazer & shoes, temt skirt, sportsgirl shoulder bag

speaking of friend, i need to emphasise that i MISSED my Indo mates badly. like MAD BADLY.
i haven't talked to them for ages, thanks to my annoying broken phone i lost most of my contacts. seriously, i wish i could fly to jakarta, visit my family and friends, and run back to melbourne. 
wait, I WILL! 
wait for me on september!

although i can't be physically present in Indonesia, i got the chance to keep myself updated through this community website called Dskon.com. it's currently having this Online Fashion Collaboration Project  which consists of Indonesian fashion and beauty bloggers, online shoppers; 
sounds like home?

as a fashion blogger myself, i found their articles very enticing and addictive. tips, meaningful information, and you know - insider stories; are ready to be consumed. and they just helped me vanishing my homesickness, yay!
other than that, as a crazy shopper, i'd find Dskon very helpful in giving me info on discounted products, sale, and some sort. like this screenshot below... an online directory? HECK YEAH!

if you're one lost Indonesian who wish to dig more sale info or probably would like to shop without moving your ass, click here and be amazed ;)



great post :)
what about follow each other?
let me know :)
have a nice day!
Bellamoreway said…
really fun shots! love the sweater :)
Sabrina M said…
aaa cute banget kamu pakai skirt pink gitu :3

MILEX said…
I couldn't adore you more.
Anisacrament said…
makannya jangan merantau terus hahah, I'll take note on that! love the super hipster style of both of you btw

Unknown said…
suka sama rok pink nya lucu :3

I'm following you now ka :)
Unknown said…
Ow dear.. both of you are so cute :)
vintage couple... you are like a lollipop.
Love it <3

livlovelaugh said…
hahaha awesome post dear!

Ariyani Sukma said…
gemes banget rok sama sweaternya pink sama biru.. and love the blazer sar!

goodbadandfab said…
Just lovely! =)

personal style and fashion musings of a LA fashion lawyer living life in the fab lane!
Ellyzabeth said…
fun shots deaar!
Putri Valentina said…
Lovely shoes!


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