Boy, Girl & Him

if you ever wondered, IF, why do i look so busy while i don't have many classes to go, here is one of the reasons...
(or throw your screen away if you dislike it)

This is a holiday project created by a group of students in Melbourne. Just an amateur movie that reveals our secret passion for cinematography.
The story itself is about a girl and a boy who happen to meet in a coincidence way, not knowing that they actuallty have been binded by a red string of fate. This does not happen merely out of ordinary fortune, but someone else was involved behind their destiny.

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In order to fully understand this quixotic, dreamy, yet complex movie, it is suggested to watch it repeatedly and pay attention to details. Have fun with your imagination!
and yes, this is the movie that i created, so please do comment below! i'd love to hear from you :)



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