Thursday, May 30, 2013

hipster housemate

3:25 PM 14
mai is one of the closest friends i have (aren't you proud, mai? being close to a "popular - but friendless" girl? hahahaha - oh wait, that's what he called me, not as in literal meaning lol)
and i just love to mention him million times, cz i think i did talk about him in my previous post
anyway, as a regular reader (that's what he said, but who knows he could be bluffing, eh?) YOU should be glad to appear in this blog, mai! treat me dessert after reading this, k?

on our random hipster getaway to chadstone, he put on his hipster look and so did i.
we took hipster photos and i don't know why i keep using hipster in my sentence.
anyhow, it was a good night.

wore: cotton on blue sweater, vintage blazer & shoes, temt skirt, sportsgirl shoulder bag

speaking of friend, i need to emphasise that i MISSED my Indo mates badly. like MAD BADLY.
i haven't talked to them for ages, thanks to my annoying broken phone i lost most of my contacts. seriously, i wish i could fly to jakarta, visit my family and friends, and run back to melbourne. 
wait, I WILL! 
wait for me on september!

although i can't be physically present in Indonesia, i got the chance to keep myself updated through this community website called it's currently having this Online Fashion Collaboration Project  which consists of Indonesian fashion and beauty bloggers, online shoppers; 
sounds like home?

as a fashion blogger myself, i found their articles very enticing and addictive. tips, meaningful information, and you know - insider stories; are ready to be consumed. and they just helped me vanishing my homesickness, yay!
other than that, as a crazy shopper, i'd find Dskon very helpful in giving me info on discounted products, sale, and some sort. like this screenshot below... an online directory? HECK YEAH!

if you're one lost Indonesian who wish to dig more sale info or probably would like to shop without moving your ass, click here and be amazed ;)


Tuesday, May 28, 2013

walk your own path

9:44 AM 11
i haven't done any photoshops for a while, so please excuse my lame edited pictures. i'm still figuring out a new side of me, but it takes time. alright, whatever, i think i'm starting to write random shits due to my clogged brain that is not functioning atm.

well, i just realised that in a certain stage of life, one will realise that she needs to make a tough decision for herself. whether it impacts her present nor future, she needs to stand alone. there might be people behind her back influencing any of her decision whether it's building or destroying, but she - again will represent her own walk. that point, where it will decide where she is going to live her life, is no easy task. it needs fight, consult, talk, cry, plan, and each process prepares her for a step further - and another step - and another - another.  

life is not merely a picture that only can be visualised, it's true, it's alive, she needs to wake up and start to make her imaginations come true. she should stand for her values, her goal, her vision
she (everyone)... needs to walk her own path.

wore: OFFSPRING fringe vintage sweater, OFFSPRING shirt dress, celine shoulder bag, bought at hongkong yellow scarf, sportsgirl grey tights, sportsgirl polka-dots socks, windsor smith brown brogue.


Saturday, May 18, 2013

L'oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival part two

8:30 PM 18
it might be a little bit too late to post this, but what a wise man always says "it's better be late than never" so, here it is...


with my new bestieeee, stella!

and another day as BACK OF HOUSE

damn tall, eh? well, blame the heels!

well, i guess melanie was the nicest, friendliest, & the coolest model i've ever been working with. it's pretty rare to see a model that remembers and actually calls her dresser's name and she did! i was really proud and glad to know her ;)
 it's been a pleasure to work with you, mel! would love to work with you again in the future.


Monday, May 13, 2013

Boy, Girl & Him

2:39 PM 2
if you ever wondered, IF, why do i look so busy while i don't have many classes to go, here is one of the reasons...
(or throw your screen away if you dislike it)

This is a holiday project created by a group of students in Melbourne. Just an amateur movie that reveals our secret passion for cinematography.
The story itself is about a girl and a boy who happen to meet in a coincidence way, not knowing that they actuallty have been binded by a red string of fate. This does not happen merely out of ordinary fortune, but someone else was involved behind their destiny.

Feel free to comment bellow and don't forget to subscribe my page :)

In order to fully understand this quixotic, dreamy, yet complex movie, it is suggested to watch it repeatedly and pay attention to details. Have fun with your imagination!
and yes, this is the movie that i created, so please do comment below! i'd love to hear from you :)


Wednesday, May 8, 2013

like a ghost

9:00 AM 21
im sorry for the sudden disappearance and of course, non-frequent updates on this blog. not that it has became a boredom, but sometimes i lost the mood to type. or even just to post pictures. anyway, ive been feeling crazy lately. im stressed out for not being stressed. i know right, it sounds just weird, but that happens. i have too much free time that sometimes i wonder what the hell am i doing here? i've applied so many job positions but luck hasn't been on my side. also, i feel frustrated whenever i think about my future. the day when i graduate and need to step off from this country. i  honestly feel a connection with melbourne and dont want to leave just yet, but again, i have no reason to stay.

it's sad. i'm sad.
"cheer up, tobi!"
oh well, faking a smile wouldnt hurt 

run away from the pitiful reality, im back with some of my old outfit photos. thanks to ROMWE for providing me this gorgeous animal pattern shirt. i instantly fell in love with its material, silk, and also the cute faces of these zoo occupants.

"raaaaaaaaaawr!" - yes, im so animal themed x

wore: ids horse-pattern dress, romwe animals-pattern shirt (as outer), ruby yellow socks, windsor smith chocolate brogues, bought at hongkong stripey bag