life moments

i haven't really uploaded any outfit post lately, but bear with me.
random life events:
reconciled with my long lost best friend, cherryn! and getting over-silly around the city
with easter camp's committee. i feel so grateful & blessed to be a part of this eventful moment
another new hairstyle. yes, i got bored pretty easily
watching footie with mates & my mighty hawks won over collingwood! YAY!
chillin' with my girls
one random photoshoot with pingkan & bang john. people said this photo means something... wrong lol. i still love it though :p


Mrs. Aa said…
wow.. cute hairstyle..

visit mine whenever you had a chance :D

warmest regards,
Miss Aa
Rosalinda Tjioe said…
I really love your new hairstyle sarrrr <3 <3 xx
mualliffachrozi said…
wahhh lucuuu,suka style rambutnyaaa,so cute:))
kalau kamu punya waktu luang, aku tunggu kamu jalan2 keblog aku ya, dan kalau berkenan aku beerharap kamu mau followback blog aku,:)), aku sdh follow blog kamu loh, heee:))
salam kenal...sukses selalu untukmu...
Ruby said…
awesome hairstyle sarr ❤

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check out my new post for more information ! ❤
Ayu Damayanthi said…
I love your hairstyleeee <3<3

Flo said…
So cute! Amazing editing btw!

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