once i open my eyes
i realise that loneliness embraces my day
a dark atmosphere crawls into my bed
and sickens my morning
yet, it always brings me back to sleep

people i called who are there to be my companion
who don't promise me fantasies 
but daring enough to support me in whatever condition
they make my morning alive
and worthwhile living



you and your friends are super cute <3
Rima Tambunan said…
seems like you have a great time with your friends <3
Rosalinda Tjioe said…
Omg your hair is fab sarr! <3 You always look like you're having so much fun! <3 x
Ruby and Rosa said…
great time and great outfit! ❤
sabrina maida said…
sartob ngangenin banget foto"mu .hihih btw suka sama rambut barumu dan wedgesnya .love
Vale ♥ said…
Wonderful pics. Friends are like family, the family we choose =) Kisses

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Helena Natanael said…
looks like you're having a happy time there! thanks for being supportive <3

have a good day!

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