missing my hair

I... MISSED... MY... HAIR...

winter is just around the corner and i can feel the chill strikes through my neck. WHY? simply because i cut my long, beautiful (i wish) hair and yes i'm quite regretting it. thanks to a friend who recommends me to this website about hair extension, i can gain my long hair back!

owning hair like Mila Kunis with a long lasting brazilian hair extension? 

 OR just with a simple & easy to use clip on hair to resemble Zooey Deschanel? 

OR get a little blondie with microloop (means: no glue, sewing, braiding, heat involved & extremely lightweight and tiny!) like Ashley Tisdale?

and many other types of extensions to be found such as: tape hair, stick tip hair, nail tip hair, weft weaving hair, PU remy hair & indian remy hair. plus they're all 100% human hair and looks so natural~ 

thanks to SeekHair.co.uk (hair extension uk) i (AND YOU!) can get all of these beautiful hair extensions for top-grade quality at rock-bottom prices! yum!

to a woman, hair is just like the most invaluable possession because it reveals one's identity. so, don't you worry! any preference of yours will be provided by SeekHair as they have different lengths and various colours and styles to meet all of your need...

so, why wait? grab your pick only at SeekHair



Farah said…
Ah this is cool, I've always wanted Mila Kunis' tresses ever since I saw her on that 70's Show :D
i cut my hair too from long to short..
but i never regret it... =)

Putri Valentina said…
i don't like short hair.
love this things hehe

I did once extent mine, and can stand only for 1 mo. take it off afterwards and grow my own back....
Helena Natanael said…
I love both long hair and short hair, and I love to change my hair cute several times.. lol.. but it's great to wear hair extension, it's better than my natural hair, more silky, more photogenic (?)

wishing you a lovely day!
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