busy holiday

"for what?"
"for not being able to reply all of the comments & do some blogwalking like usual...?"
"ran out of excuses..."
"well, i don't mean to boast or anything, but i'm particularly busy. with lots of things to do, lots of issues to mind. so please understand"
"like what?"
"1. my mom's here (that should explains everything :p) 
 2. been busy with meetings for easter camp thing for church
 3. renewing my visa, which takes lots of effort to do so
 4. been to an interview and yesssss... im FINALLY ACCEPTED to volunteer for L'oreal Melbourne Fashion Week as a dresser (yes, i'm so hyped & excited about it! after a fucked-up interview i finally got in! seriously man, this is too fascinating) so yeah, basically i'm too overwhelm and couldn't think to do anything else
 5. catching up with my friends (bro, i need a life. i need to socialise! HA!)
 6. just traveled to Tasmania and will be going to Sydney later today - so as we speak

i know, it sounds ridiculous. my schedule sounds ridiculous, but that's life i've been living in. 
so yeah... sorry for ignoring all of your comments down there. will totally catch everything up soon!
for the time being, smile with me :D

random acessories - handmade & thailand, floral vest - ID's, tee - hongkong, gold skirt - dotti, floral tights - forever new, doll necklace - made from keychain (thailand)

*pssst, since i couldn't find a good spot to catch my "outfit of the day" i decided to shoot myself in my friend's apartment. and yes, apparently she didn't know :p and i can't hide it in my blog so if you see this PAU... i love you... hahahaha. sorry for using your apt to satisfy my narcissism :p

(never too late to follow my twitter, peeps!)


Putri Valentina said…
Love love love your necklace!
love it so much! :D

Intan Aprillia said…
nice accessories :)

Unknown said…
you look gorgeous <3

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Sabrina M said…
cute amat outfit lo cob !!! btw envy gue neik bs jadi volunteer fashion week disana. hahaha good luck ya beb

Danny Suyandi said…
love the vest!

Unknown said…
Hi this is a lovely blog honey I think we should follow on GFC and Bloglovin? what do you think?
let me know I'll follow back for sure
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Milkha Eunike said…
love your accecories:DDD

Livia Pangdoko said…
love your outfits <333 cool armparty!

Prisca Jolanda said…
thanks for visited my blog. hihihi.
love your accessories ;)

Ellyzabeth said…
love your quirky outfit kak! have a great day :D
Farah said…
The epitome of delicious ARMSWAG!!

great looks! i love your vest... good luck for anything :)

Hei Echa!
Anonymous said…
you look great!

Unknown said…
Looking so playful as always :D Hope you're having fun in whatever you do!! And good luck with the fashion week... Geez I ENVY YOU!! lol
stylefrontier said…
love the accessories!
good luck for all the project

style frontier

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