Wednesday, March 27, 2013

L'oreal Melbourne Fashion Show part 1

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i'm just overly excited that i ignore all of my tiredness just to post this. but since my mind is clogged with too much information regarding my uni, church & volunteer stuffs, i won't say much (for now).

on march 18 - 24, melburnians get to enjoy fashion even more & it's like the IT. BIG. THING.
it's not just like another day nor just another random festival,
it's more than that,
it's L'oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival (LMFF) 2013!

as mentioned in my previous post, i was selected as one of their volunteers (HALLELUJAH!) and i'm here to spill the fun YAY!

by David Jones

so, right in the morning i got a sudden call from the volunteer coordinator asking me to replace the back of house (boh) shift and i was like "FOR REAL?". i thought i wouldn't get any shift since an empty roster  was clearly shown for the week. eeeek! anyway, even though i had something to do, i instantly accepted the shift without much thinking. to be honest, i'm still feeling sorry to my friends for canceling the thing we've had perfectly planned out since the day before, but am not regretting the choice i've made :p

it was one of the most memorable days ever. tiring as hell, but damn amazing!
as a boh volunteer, i got the chance to work backstage as a dresser
that rare scene was too beautiful to explain and being a part of the team was just an honor, really. 

i was an amateur, feeling senseless and dumb (and plus i'm like the only non-aussie there - with limited english & knowledge of runway) kinda stressed me out. however, the staffs & other volunteers were really friendly & helpful. i could easily learn things like taping shoes, steaming & reading the cheat sheet thanks to them.

luckily, my model was super sweet & amiable by not getting mad at me though i made some stupid mistakes. there're like some bitchy ones who even looked down at their dressers *not mentioning names.

so yeah, it was indeed an awesome first day and will spot some more stories soon!

now sit back and enjoy some of the runway pictures ;)
(taken from LMFF facebook page)

Samantha Harris in Megan Park
her aboriginal beauty is very authentic, i must say

Jessica Gomes in Mary Katrantzou 

Louise Van De Vorst in Kirrily Johnston
she's my most favourite model as her pitied-looking face melt my heart & apparently she wasn't the bitch type  ;)

models in Josh Goot

Olivia Thornton in Easton Pearson
her fierce look doesn't resemble her actual self at all. she was surprisingly ultra funny in the backstage!

LJ in Willow
TA-DA! so here comes my model! well not technically mine, but you get what i mean :p 
she's way prettier in real life & fyi, her husky voice was really soothing! i'm now officially a huge fan of her :D

models in Camilla

models in Carla Zampatti
whoooops! LJ is thereee ;) i'm feeling so proud just by looking at her lol

model in Alice McCall
i LOVE all of McCall's clothes. the prints were so playful, youthful and wearable ;)

meet Barbara Palvin, she's the youngest model in the festival. 
born in 1993, as old as me but way cuter! *ugh - feeling down :[ lol

David Jones' ambassadors: Montana Cox and Samantha Harris

and some backstage pictures (sorry for the bad quality guys, they're taken from my crappy blackberry)

and it's time to hit the bed


Monday, March 18, 2013

missing my hair

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I... MISSED... MY... HAIR...

winter is just around the corner and i can feel the chill strikes through my neck. WHY? simply because i cut my long, beautiful (i wish) hair and yes i'm quite regretting it. thanks to a friend who recommends me to this website about hair extension, i can gain my long hair back!

owning hair like Mila Kunis with a long lasting brazilian hair extension? 

 OR just with a simple & easy to use clip on hair to resemble Zooey Deschanel? 

OR get a little blondie with microloop (means: no glue, sewing, braiding, heat involved & extremely lightweight and tiny!) like Ashley Tisdale?

and many other types of extensions to be found such as: tape hair, stick tip hair, nail tip hair, weft weaving hair, PU remy hair & indian remy hair. plus they're all 100% human hair and looks so natural~ 

thanks to (hair extension uk) i (AND YOU!) can get all of these beautiful hair extensions for top-grade quality at rock-bottom prices! yum!

to a woman, hair is just like the most invaluable possession because it reveals one's identity. so, don't you worry! any preference of yours will be provided by SeekHair as they have different lengths and various colours and styles to meet all of your need...

so, why wait? grab your pick only at SeekHair


Thursday, March 7, 2013

busy holiday

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"for what?"
"for not being able to reply all of the comments & do some blogwalking like usual...?"
"ran out of excuses..."
"well, i don't mean to boast or anything, but i'm particularly busy. with lots of things to do, lots of issues to mind. so please understand"
"like what?"
"1. my mom's here (that should explains everything :p) 
 2. been busy with meetings for easter camp thing for church
 3. renewing my visa, which takes lots of effort to do so
 4. been to an interview and yesssss... im FINALLY ACCEPTED to volunteer for L'oreal Melbourne Fashion Week as a dresser (yes, i'm so hyped & excited about it! after a fucked-up interview i finally got in! seriously man, this is too fascinating) so yeah, basically i'm too overwhelm and couldn't think to do anything else
 5. catching up with my friends (bro, i need a life. i need to socialise! HA!)
 6. just traveled to Tasmania and will be going to Sydney later today - so as we speak

i know, it sounds ridiculous. my schedule sounds ridiculous, but that's life i've been living in. 
so yeah... sorry for ignoring all of your comments down there. will totally catch everything up soon!
for the time being, smile with me :D

random acessories - handmade & thailand, floral vest - ID's, tee - hongkong, gold skirt - dotti, floral tights - forever new, doll necklace - made from keychain (thailand)

*pssst, since i couldn't find a good spot to catch my "outfit of the day" i decided to shoot myself in my friend's apartment. and yes, apparently she didn't know :p and i can't hide it in my blog so if you see this PAU... i love you... hahahaha. sorry for using your apt to satisfy my narcissism :p

(never too late to follow my twitter, peeps!)

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Saturday, March 2, 2013

red, the blood of angry men!

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yes, we've been obsessed with the movie "Les Miserables". with the songs echoing in our heads, we started to believe the movie was magical (which reflected to this post title itself!). until one day, my housemates and i were out to get a birthday lunch, we coincidentally wore the same colour theme for our outfits. yes, RED! (which again reflected the lyric of one of Les Miserables' soundtrack)