Tuesday, February 12, 2013

i cut my hair back and forth

i cut my hair back and forth
i cut my hair back and...

yeah, i cut my hair since i got bored with the long "jungle" hair - my friend called
so, which one do ya like better?


sartob with long tangled ombre hair


a bit shorter, maybe?


or waaaay shorter?


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life is style said...

so pretty, love it :)
have a great day ❤

Zoe Fuentes said...

I like your hair!

I have a blog with tips on hair, I invite you to see!


Rosalinda Tjioe said...

Omg I love your new hair sarrr! Cocok banget! <3 x

Le Petit Plastique said...

Thanks so much for your comment on my blog. Following you now =)

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Miss Aa said...

prettier.. lovin' ur new haircut :)

kok nggk dtg indo fs week? masi blm balik ya? T.T

Ariyani Sukma said...

The shorter one!!! i really love it!!! pendek aja udah :D

yiqin; said...

i think short is nice ,3

Merlyn Macella Widjaja said...

love your short hair!

Lucia said...

love your new hair :-)

Aleena said...

u guys are so cute

Merilda Kristalya said...

i also cut my hair back and forth! I am such an easy-to-get-boring girl. you look pretty in both hair i think. this year i am starting a new blogging project called Bandung Cross outlet, where i am going to visit an outlet once a week and write about it. FYI this week I published a post "a peek to Tosavica". hope you may take a peek on my blog :

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