fill me with your colours

late 2012, 
one of the most  colourful outfits in my life

i even tried to count all the different colours i had worn. with all the similar (but still not the same) colours, i got around 30-40ish colours including accessories. 

sounds MAD? nah, it's just normal ;)

with my partner in crime (like literally): mr. fabio

wore: offspring blue-pink top, stylebros flowery blazer, random acessories, gifted nike dunk shoes, sportsgirl bag, hongkong bowler hat




Novarinna Tan said…
Your blog are so unique.. Even u too so unique.. love your ring and your outfit .. <3

Hai.. Really need your help.. Please vote me..
your voice means a lot for me :) (Photo no.3)
The Sunny Day Is Taking Over
Thank you so much <3
Unknown said…
Love you style somuch hilarious and your coloufull day:)

Rosalinda Tjioe said…
Lucu banget sarrr! You rock the colorful look :) x
Stella Winata said…
Saraaa, I came back to Melb a few weeks ago! hehe We shall hang out soon! hehe Karina just came back today too! hehe btw I always love the way you mix your colourful clothes/accessorises! See you around soon ok! :)
Prisca Jolanda said…
love your outfit!! ;)

mind to follow each other? please visit mine
follow me and let me know ;)
surely, i'll follow you asap ;*
Ruby said…
please ungkus macaroon nya ke jakarta sabee ❤
hahahaha love your outfit anyway :)
Helena Natanael said…
wah macarons! I love it! you look really lovely and I admire your braveness in mixing and matching outfits! you always look bold. have a nice day! :)

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