Wednesday, February 27, 2013

fill me with your colours

10:00 AM 8
late 2012, 
one of the most  colourful outfits in my life

i even tried to count all the different colours i had worn. with all the similar (but still not the same) colours, i got around 30-40ish colours including accessories. 

sounds MAD? nah, it's just normal ;)

with my partner in crime (like literally): mr. fabio

wore: offspring blue-pink top, stylebros flowery blazer, random acessories, gifted nike dunk shoes, sportsgirl bag, hongkong bowler hat



Thursday, February 14, 2013

slide it just fine

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ice skating was one of my favourite sports (is it even classified as a sport?) though i wasn't good at it. i remembered dad brought me to the ice rink when i was around ... 12, perhaps, well - around that, sort of. anyway, i was a total idiot & fell down like every time i tried to move my feet. it was ultra embarrassing since i was left alone & dad played by himself (not a good example, huh). years passed and i started liking this sport when my high school fellas forced me to play some more. this time, i flew quite smoothly and i could do a few rounds on my own. 

i thought ice skating owns a simple childhood story that makes my heart flutters everytime i reminded of it. family, different friends that i had gone with, slid a memorable tale that always brings me a smile. yet, another day arrived for me to record a new picture, in a different location. yes, here in melbourne.

random annoying orange dolls pop in

as well as serena williams...

anyway, i'd like to shout a sweet thank you to the adorable sisters ruby & rosa for the sisterhood award
ps. OF COURSE we could be friends ;) drop me your fb/contact number maybe? so we could hang out when i return to jkt?

and here're the questions (and of course the answers too, duh)

⊳ If you have a chance to get one answer from God Himself, what will you ask?

nothing. i'm pretty much satisfied with what He has done to me. especially since He sacrificed His only son, Jesus for us; sinners. i think that's enough.

⊳ What do you think about yourself? Friendly, Calm, or ?

definitely not calm! haha! i might be friendly (that's what i heard) i love to hang around, socialise, interacting with people, knowing human's different traits... whoops, that's deep. but i think, myself is just pretty ordinary.

⊳ Branded items or not branded ? Why ?

not branded. i'm honestly not a huge fan of branded items. well, i do like them (who doesn't? - except for the frickin' price) but sometimes they're just too overpriced. i don't think brand matters when you can mix things up perfectly cool without mattering its origin.

⊳ Tell me your childhood dreams that you pursue even until now?

i had millions dreams. i wanted to be a teacher, singer, actress, even marrying shahrukh- khan (lol), ... well, you know- ordinary wishes of an innocent kid. but when i was in junior high school , i knew i wanted to be a business woman with a sense of style/fashion. and i'm still digging them.

⊳ If you can choose to be one of Disney characters, which character will you choose? and why?

damn, i don't watch disney that often :p

⊳ What do you think about money?

money is necessary (hell yeah it does), it's important, but it isn't everything. and one thing for certain: it's not eternal.

⊳ Family, friendship, money, or yourself? Choose one! ;p

family comes first, then friendship!

⊳ Tell me your best memories in life!

idk, maybe too much to mention?

⊳ If you can go back to the past once, which year will you choose and why?

i want to return being 16 (around 2009 probably?). i just think it's the best age ever, best year with best party. i love being 16! my golden age so far!

⊳ Cat or Dog?



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Tuesday, February 12, 2013