when marimba rhythms start to play
dance with me, make me sway

like a lazy ocean hugs the shore

hold me close, sway me more

like a flower bending in the breeze
bend with me, sway with ease
when we dance you have a way with me
stay with me, sway with me

other dancers may be on the floor
dear, but my eyes will see only you

only you have that magic technique

when we sway I go weak

anyway, here's a short video of mine and... yes, it's my first vlog ever...
 sorry if it's kinda awkward & lagging & if the sound is unstable. and i'd also apologise for the annoying label "cyberlink youcam" thingie on the right corner of the vid. it's sort of new so i have no idea how to remove it.

anyhow, i hope y'all love it & keep supporting me in 2013!

i wish you all a very awesome year ahead!

wore: i.d. floral vest, cotton on brown top, chocolate asymmetric skirt, hk beanie & glasses, unbranded festive ring



Love your outfit esp that vest <3
Rosalinda Tjioe said…
Lucu banget sarrr love the vest and beaniiee! <3 xx

So creative photos! <3
xoxo ;*
Tamara Emilia said…
Aduh si eneng makin kece aja !! gmn itu caranya editnya ? dewa euyy
sar mau cincinnya !!!!
kapan balik indo? i miss you :(
ayuk nanti ikut meet up ya kalo pulang hehe

Sonya Ann K said…
loooovvveeee the beanie!!!


Nurullita Utami said…
Cool dear! Love it :)


Putri Valentina said…
love the outwear dear and your pictures is so interesting :D

Ruby said…
lucu banget videonyaa hihihi
happy new year! wishing you a wonderful year in 2013 ya ;)
love your outfit ^^

anyway, join my giveaway, would you? :)
win idr 50.000 gift vouchers !
and get all beauty stuffs with half price ❤
suka sekali rok dan vest denimnya. lucuuuuu :)
Subham Rai said…
Loved your brown vest , the whole spirit seemed so Betshey johnson ! Loved your blog . Followed you via GFC , hope you follow back !

Wynne Prasetyo said…
your photo editing is always extraordinary. haha it's fun in a cutely odd way.

loving your suppah cute beanie with pompom on it! you look adorzzz <3 anyway please check out my latest post ;) http://lisshandratanata.blogspot.com/2013/01/one-day-in-forest.html thanks xx
Sabrina M said…
your photo editing is always cool sara, anw i love the ring daaaaan kamulama cekayi ga puyangg.hihi yes i'll waitt youuu

Sugar Bunny said…
love your style cool <3
Anonymous said…
I love the rhymes!
so delicate, yet standing! careful don't get into mischief! :)
stay pretty, dear. :)

p.s : the orange thingy look so fluffy!!!!
kathy said…
Love your outfit!
Hehe cute video :)
Mrs. Aa said…
maaci... dtunggu yaa buat join eventnya ;)
aku tinggalnya deket tangerang sii.. blakangnya puri mal situ.. nice to know you :D

Rossy K said…
i've just found your blog and I think it's one of a kind..
you have a super fun fashion taste!
follow you now.. ;)

MILEX said…
Milex loves it!
Unknown said…
what a great photo shoot it is o,O
Adore somuch for vest<3

yup, my giveaway open internationally :3
btw like your photo editing :3
Rien Bautista said…
Wow your edits are so artsy and all. I wish I knew how to edit photos nicely too. Haha! Great blog! xx

CHristy said…

would you like to follow each other for fashion sharing? what do u think :) Meanwhile , visit my blog for my latest outfits and other stuff! Leave a comment on your favorite post, it would be very supportive. Cheers girl :)


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