summer barbie

no, it's not barbie as in the flawless doll/figurine ever. it's the Australian slang for barbecue.
i honestly found it a bit funny at first. but, hell, that is what defines Australian culture, so be it!

anyway, on the start of summer before the year 2012 ended, i slipped a few meat(s) on my "diet" schedule. 

since i failed to resist eating those delish meats, i took a stroll and found a perfect place to burn a few- bit- calories. 
yeah, just right in the playground

sadly enough, i didn't play this kind of thing back then. so, call me old-fashion / childish / whatsoever, but i'm starting to love playground. like, for real!

wore: hongkong top, thrifted brown blazer, jeans, and shoes, cotton on socks, forever new tights

so, whatcha doing on summer holiday? anything fun to share?



mutianugrabita said…
the meats! looks yummy :9 and your outfit is really adorable! :3
juventine wu said…
love the look! xx
looks so delicious! and yep, I always love your style. Your shoes is so amazingly cool!
those foods look so delicious! I never know that barbie has another meaning hahaa :D

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Anonymous said…
Oh how deliciousss :9
Anisacrament said…
Omg tob! The barbeque look so crumptious!! Gw di pondok indah beb kenalah dikit hehe pas jalan mau ke shm nya. I'm alright now hehe thanks for asking. Gimana aussie?
you are so much fun!! i am so excited to follow your blog. I hope you follow back so we can stay in touch love xoxo
Sixth Tractate said…
Hello! I came across your blog and I'm your newest follower! :) Would you mind checking out our blog & following back via GFC and Bloglovin'? Let me know!
Stephani Janet said…
wow that looks so much fun!!
the bbq must be super yumm!
looks delicious :9
really like your style here.
aku di bekasi, kamu di indonesia tinggal dijakarta mana?
life is style said…
looks yummy :)
great pics, :)
Galaxy said…
Those pictures are soooo funny- they made me smile ♥♥♥
I'm following your blog!
what a yummy food :)
seems like you enjoy this early year sista :D
livlovelaugh said…
mmmmmm barbeque~

looks so delicious! yumm~ i'm drooling right now ;p love your vintage blazer, it looks really good on you!
kelimutu said…
reading your post make me can't wait for my semester holiday. You look so pretty. I love your hair kak Sartob! (:

Tamara Emilia said…
the food looks so yummy :O
my exam i don't know berpasrah pada Tuhan :P LOL
okei next year kita ifw bareng !!
kapan pulang sar?
Putri Valentina said…
the meats is yummy :D
i think you have a great time :D

Anonymous said…
you're surely had a great time!!

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xoxo, Mich

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