Wednesday, January 30, 2013


i had too much spare time and i've got no idea what to do, instead of being a bother to my housemates, whining craps about HOW HOT RYAN GOSLING IS (yeah, i just watched Gangster Squad - where his hotness is literally overloaded), here comes the idea to browse through my treasures; old photos of mine.

i'm not much a narcissistic girl who loves being the center of the attention like ALL the time - but i do love being in the picture itself. it's like each shot has a different cryptic stories. and i love to keep the mystery hidden.

this one time before i turned 17- the glorious age where i can manage to do mischievous things "responsibly", i decided to keep this moment alive, where i get to see my old self stepping a new stage of life. well, it's necessary to have things that always remind you of good things right? it's not like you have a superpower that allows you to remember all of your past stories. 

the thing is, i'm not a model, i didn't (and still don't) have a perfect figure nor a pretty, commercial face, but at least i have the guts to be photograph. yes, confidence does count, ladies! so a wild idea occurred and i asked my friend to shoot me pre-"sweet" seventeen (i can't picture what will a "bitter seventeen" be) photos...

and there they are

i might have posted these photos 2 years ago, but, it never hurt to repeat the happy times, don't you agree?

and i reckon, this might be the largest smile/laugh i've ever had in 2010. and the good thing is, i can recall those days with the help of visual. well, technology doesn't really suck, huh?

photos taken by: Hilarius Jason


Thursday, January 24, 2013

summer barbie

no, it's not barbie as in the flawless doll/figurine ever. it's the Australian slang for barbecue.
i honestly found it a bit funny at first. but, hell, that is what defines Australian culture, so be it!

anyway, on the start of summer before the year 2012 ended, i slipped a few meat(s) on my "diet" schedule. 

since i failed to resist eating those delish meats, i took a stroll and found a perfect place to burn a few- bit- calories. 
yeah, just right in the playground

sadly enough, i didn't play this kind of thing back then. so, call me old-fashion / childish / whatsoever, but i'm starting to love playground. like, for real!

wore: hongkong top, thrifted brown blazer, jeans, and shoes, cotton on socks, forever new tights

so, whatcha doing on summer holiday? anything fun to share?


Monday, January 21, 2013

prahran goes vintage

a cute, little vintage village is hidden beneath the great Prahran

little did i know, this vintage photo machine does actually exist
and still working perfectly!

in conclusion,
vintage never dies

hahahaha. never mind ;)
*i don't feel like writing, so bear with my pictures for a while, will you?


Wednesday, January 16, 2013

a rebel

question: HOW TO BE A REBEL?

answer: don't know and don't wanna be. 
becoming a rebel won't make you look mega-cool anyway. earn respect through your courteous, wise, smart attitude. show 'em what good qualities you've really got, girl!

wore: vintage outerwear, bought at hongkong top, jay jays shorts & cap


Sunday, January 13, 2013

swag vs babyish

another random shots from 2012
it was a good year, indeed



and, the beatles - wanna be (well at least we've got original style, bro)


Friday, January 11, 2013

sexy back, yeah?

"if it's chilly, allow me to embrace your cold skin and be your sweater"

it's just some old shots from 2012 during my exams period
this see-through clothing did help a bit absorbing positive aura
and allowed me to study faster... not

sorry, i'm just spitting a total bullshit. lol

wore: mango see-through black blouse, cotton on floral top, vintage shorts, nike dunk