tulip lip lip

holla! so here i am with a blurry face and two cool-wannabes-turn-to-be-idiots mates of mine ;)

allow me to flashback for a moment...
wait, not precisely a moment as i missed lots of stories to tell, so pardon my next posts that are likely to be old - non fresh - and not as updated as my current life, but, bear with me. sometimes, expired goods are edible... huh what? ...

so, i kidnapped some friends of mine to this tulip farm and the view was mesmerising, don't you think? i fell in love with the sea of flowers and beautiful sun rays that keep them warm. how heavenly...

woopsies! above pic is not advisable for kids! if... you know what i mean *smirk*

adios spring!



Adeayu Hadijah said…
woooow! the tulips farm is awesome. where is it?
you look great. yea, I agree that expired one sometime edible :D

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Mrs. Aa said…
what a pretty place to visit <3

visit mine whenever you had a chance :D

warmest regards,
Miss Aa
Rosalinda Tjioe said…
Aaah gila seru banget braaay! Stunning place! :D xx

asdf said…
hey where where you in this blog<3 so prettyyyyyyyy

Nino Reyzky said…
wonderful place! i wanna go there. lol

You must be very happy, right? Look you had a good time with you friends ;)
Beautiful tulips!
love it!

Tempatnya keren banget, dimana itu?
you're so cute, playful banget stylenya.
Nice photo shots! That tulip field is really awesome! =)

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