Monday, December 31, 2012


12:27 PM 4


NO... NO... NO WAY!

indeed, 2012 is ending... yet, i spent it unwisely

i'm speechless

should i be

seriously dudes, i don't know what to say
i simply can't face the fact that i'm growing old. time doesn't wait.
the decisions that i made, problems i went through, people that i love, everything that built me today... where did they go?

it's new year's eve and i haven't considered any resolution for the upcoming year.
how about you?

anyhow, to reduce the tension of new year's dysphoria, i tuck in some of the pictures i got from my cherry picking experience a couple weeks ago. 

aight fellas!
see you around & happy ... new year


Wednesday, December 19, 2012

do you see what i see?

3:14 PM 16
on one fine day, here comes mrs. santa seeking for her lost reindeer. while holding her presents list, she walked down the road with her eyes wide open.

"dear, my deer! where have you gone?"

her reindeer didn't run far away. in fact, it was waiting for its master's call. after a long deep sleep, it raised up its horns, put on its gears, and ready to depart.

the night wind then whispered softly to mrs. santa 

"come, are you looking for your little reindeer? now, do you see what i see?"

her reindeer barked throughout the hall, marking its presence

"woof woof! i'm here, santa!"

"my deer, it's time to go! giddiyap!" mrs. santa replied

then off they go...

since mrs. santa & her reindeer are ready, now it's time for YOU to be prepared for Christmas!

happy holiday!


Wednesday, December 12, 2012

geelong getaway

7:02 PM 10

geelong is like 77ish km away from melbourne, but the surrounding feels... similar.
a few months ago after exams have officially finished, my friends and i decided to get away.
get away from reality, get away from this clouded environment that sucked my gloomy soul.
if possible, i wanted to run faster towards this called heaven that allows me to freely express myself.
but no, i need to behave appropriately... i'm a soon-to-be woman.
i'm going to be 20 next year for god sake!
and it's december already! damn!

anyway,  i'm not going to talk about it.
life goes on.
i must face it. 
so, yeah, geelong was rather a cozy, small town with nothing much to offer.
but, never i am disappointed with its shore.
it might look ordinary, but i especially love the picture of geelong's coast that are encircled with various unique sculptures.
they somehow look like totems. but, no.
no back up stories to prove that.

enough said.


Sunday, December 2, 2012

tulip lip lip

5:45 PM 11
holla! so here i am with a blurry face and two cool-wannabes-turn-to-be-idiots mates of mine ;)

allow me to flashback for a moment...
wait, not precisely a moment as i missed lots of stories to tell, so pardon my next posts that are likely to be old - non fresh - and not as updated as my current life, but, bear with me. sometimes, expired goods are edible... huh what? ...

so, i kidnapped some friends of mine to this tulip farm and the view was mesmerising, don't you think? i fell in love with the sea of flowers and beautiful sun rays that keep them warm. how heavenly...

woopsies! above pic is not advisable for kids! if... you know what i mean *smirk*

adios spring!