just like my blog that is facing a downturn, my life seems like it's becoming more dull, yawnful, and depressing. i've been busy with... simply nothing. 
i don't even know what exactly hits me, but i'm having a very low self confidence at the moment, which is... pitiful.

well, i believe events in life do spin. 
so, i'll definitely meet a solution sooner or later ;)

wore: zara knit-cardigan, bought at hk red bowler hat (my current fav!), amithevintagist bird necklace, romwe spikey ring, cotton on blue dress (yes, it's actually a dress! lol)

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Mustika said…
nice blog! maybe we can follow each other if you want? :)
me too :') my life hasn't been well lately. I guess that's what I have to pay for every good things I've your outfit! :D and I wish we have more outdoor cafes in Jakarta!
Ellyzabeth said…
Selalu suka sama bowler hat dan kacamata vintage punta kakak! And nice time with your friend, girl ;)
Ima said…
I can feel you. I kinda feel the same way, like somehow I feel like I have nothing to be proud of, and I'm tired. Tired of being tired I guess haha but hopefully it will all get better soon :)
Anyway, I love your hat and that blue dress <3
you have a beautiful laugh!
love the bowler<3
Ruby said…
be though ! :D
but it seems you had so much fun on those photos!

Ruby and Rosa
Michelle said…
looks fun! miss uuuuuuu! xx
Wendy Annabeth said…
i heart your blog! I'm following you GFC :)
Sabrina M said…
Unyu banget sih sarrrr . hihih kapan balik foto bareeeeng <3 xx
love love loveee you're glasses and the bowler hat!
Unknown said…
Lovely post !

You look so cool :)


you look so gorgeous, i love your bowler hat very muvh. by the way, about you problem, i think all of us ever feel the sama once in a while, but you should keep your chin up! ;)

tons of love, xx

Unknown said…
Life will be plain with no ups and downs. So, be thankful and keep the spirit! Hihihi.

Edwina - The Enigmatic
sweet laughter Sara...
nice photo. natural banget!
mio said…
thanks for your comment!! I LOVE THOSE GLASSES SO SO MUCH!!
I'M NOW FOLLOWING YOU ON GFC AND bloglovin!!!! Follow me back if you like and enter my giveaway!!! *.*

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