self reflection

never judge a book by its cover. even its foreword may be misleading.

never judge a person by its appearance. even its first impression may be deluding.
wore: vintage blazer, bought at hongkong skirt, gifted beanie

just recently, i felt that karma slapped me real hard
but there's always something to learn behind everything, right?



superagree with u \(^^)/
Unknown said…
hi.. u live in melbourne??
ahhh..sayang banget.. gw uda forgood :(
well..stay in touch tho :)

btw, i have nominated your blog to get a Sunshine Award for inspiring bloggers.
please visit my blog to collect it :)

agree to you sar, nice photos too, blazernya oke!
Unknown said…
I agree, a person has a lot more to offer than what is seen on the outside. Cute beanie btw!
i can't agree more kak sara :) hihi fotonya minimalis tapi keren. i love the whole outfits!
cute photos! anyway check out my new post :)
Michelle said…
You look super duper cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Me wanna steal your beanie!!
Anisacrament said…
This is brilliant tob! Love the blazer soo muchh
well, agree. don't judge a book by its cover. :)
Dana Paramita said…
ur blazer is so lovely:)
love your beanie
lovely lovely outfit, love how cute the pics are.
anyways, karma is a live lesson bitch, hang in there!:)
Like how you put the photos altogether :)
Bhushavali said…
Love the blue red combo...
Cute photographs! :)
Came here blog hopping. Loved your blog...
Do drop by my blog sometime.
Do follow if you like! :)
Milkha Eunike said…
cute you!xx
Ellyzabeth said…
love your beanie and geeky gllasses <3

iya suara hyuna emang jelek di situ, padahal biasanya suara dia ga kaya gitu (re = oppa is just my style psy ft hyuna)
Julian Tanoto said…
great post! and you have a nice blog too !
would you like to follow each other ? let me know;) I'll follow u back for sure ! :D

cheers from
Journal J
made the GIFs with 美图GIF on android :D and great outfit as always! haha everyone gets his/her karma anyway just enjoy the suffering because when it's over you'll learn from the past and you'll appreciate things more :D
et.girl said…
These photos look great! u look gorgeous. check out my blog if you like :D

xoxo, Eliza
Bread and Butter
sewa mobil said…
aww.. nice pose.. :D love it.
fotonya bagus.. kamunya juga cute.. ><
Mitha Komala said…
so in love with your beanie and blazer, you look gorgeous sar! <3

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