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each day, a new challenge awaits. you can't predict it for certain that it will go as smooth as your plans. but, that "something goes wrong" situation will enlighten your view of life, isn't it? that you're not fully in charge of yourself. you can drive your life in your own way, but pebbles will sometimes pause your journey and allow you to think... again.

i sometimes stare at a bare wall and my mind will also go blank in instant. but then, a few thoughts pop out and helped me revising my memories. in this precious time, i learned things by my own.

i do write sometimes, especially if it's valuable enough to be shared to the world. so, here's some of my self-quotes and i hope it'll inspire you.

"be yourself, life's too short to please everyone"


 "fashion knows NO limit, so does your confidence. always remember that you're born unique so embrace it"

"stand up for yourself, because no one will be able to do it for you"

"don't follow the trend to be acknowledged by others. follow your instinct because it shows your true self"

"why worry? life is beautiful so laugh and enjoy it. remember, YOLO!" 


anywaaaay, this awesome artist friend of mine named ANDU, drew my illustration which is TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE~ thanks so much, anduuuuuu! click here to check out his gorgeous blog!



kathy said…
Love these photos and the quotes are fantastic :)
Rosalinda Tjioe said…
Quotes nya ketje2! Sarrrr lo cantik bangettt disini sumpah (dan selalu) xx
Cool pics!
Lara said…
Amazing quotes! :)
Elizabeth said…
Love your glasses!! I agree, what's the point in living to please others? You will only find yourself extremely unhappy.

Great blog doll!

Maria Widjaja said…
sooo pretty! loving the last pict like a lot<3:)
Vanessa said…
Thanks,for your lovely comment on my blog.^^
Maybe follow each other on BLOGLOVIN and GFC???
Stella Winata said…
hellooo! Iya gw kenal Karina :) in fact kt sering bgt ktmu krn byk yg sekelas. hahaha. We should meet up one day! Karina showed me your video about the offspring yesterday! Cool!
Jessica said…
very good insight indeed :D

Wynne Prasetyo said…
cute look Sara! oh i spotted the illustration on his blog a couple of days before. that's genuinely sweet!

Lizelisabeth said…
You look rad, honey!! I love your glasses, and that illustration of you is just lovely! Can't wait to read more.

Hugs and kiss kiss,
Unknown said…
agree! great quotes and ofcourse great post!
you look pretty! :D
you look so beautifulllll and love those geek glasses! ;)
thank you so much you post it right here!! hahaha...
you cool people, you deserve it for free.
quotesnya oke oke sar!!
you look so pretty. "life is to short to please everyone" so agree!
Monsterchen said…
wow i just discovered your blog and i have to say you are a really cool cat;)
so you got yourself a new follower!
love the post. so inspiring
xo sabbi
cute pics :)

Joshua Tjandra said…
I'm not able to disagree with those lines, in fact, I have been living with the same belief ever since (:

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