life phenomenon

i've been feeling this weird phenomenon circling around my life and somewhat through these mysterious events, i felt something's missing but i don't know what...

with my housemate/bestie/blog stalker:

anywaaay, a couple days ago i went to Chadstone and spotted this vogue styling session by Penny McCarthy. and i'm SO IN LOVE with her printed blazer

and MELISSA shoes exhibition... damn, i want to bring them home!



you look so cuteee <3

Mrs. Aa said…
nice jacket :)
visit my blog whenever you had a chance :D

warmest regards,
Miss Aa
Rosalinda Tjioe said…
Guuuurl your hair is fabulousss! Suka banget sama jacket nya sar <3 x
Felicia Tan said…
nice photos x n u look really cute in your outfit :)
ailovesamore said…
i love your jacket and the color ! <3
Unknown said…
looks like you're having so mch fun :DD anw your blazer is soo lovely and eyecatching :3
Sabrina M said…
omg bloggermate yang ini makin kece banget !! hahah suka samaa post eventnya sar !! anw thank for your comment sar :( time to short if i always crying and not move on :)hehe
kalo bisa ke melb sekarang gue cari pacar baru :p
Wynne Prasetyo said…
i love that coat. the color is lovely and it fits you perfectly. this looks like a great event!

Stella Lunardy said…
you look adorable there! love the printed blazer as well!<3
asik bangett kayanya sering dateng ke event2 gitu yahh?hehehehe
Milkha Eunike said…
Suka bgt sama jacketnyaaa<3 xo
Nice shot anyway :) love your blue jacket, that's so contrast!

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