it's a war

i have this review on my draft and neglected it for a couple of months already. how sad...

michelle from skinny barbie
tamara from vanilla sky
jo reiner from indie spirited 1707 and fashion 1707

when i was back in Indonesia, i met these lovely bloggers and went to nikicio fash show together
it was one extraordinary day

don't you love Fahrani's style? she totally could rock any style she's into and she definitely nailed her jail uniform-sort-of-look-alike suit. her edgy sense of fashion is admirable.
well, i wonder if i wore that kind of outfit, i guess polices would be chasing me thinking me of a real criminal...

it was so full of crowd indeed. you could even see newcomers stand stuffy in the corner, trying their best to see even a bit of the show

Nina Nikicio is absolutely a legend. (period)



awwww great pics you have there! anyway, i agreed, nikicio is a legend. so proud to have local designer like her. anyway, love your top! xx
Great blog ;*
I follow you, can you follow me back?
I agreed with you.. I adore nina nikicio too.
Anyway nice blog.
Can't wait for your another post.
follow each other?

Unknown said…
such great photos!! i really love the outfits and the sunnies =D

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