Tuesday, September 25, 2012


10:15 PM 22
1st birthday: MINE
it happened a month ago, but i haven't had the chance to post the hype. as i mentioned in my previous post, i got a sweet surprise by my besties & well, you can definitely tell through these pictures ;)

i was busy baking cupcakes & intruders came and surprised me! lollllll

aren't they the sweetest?

and another cake-cutting at church
apparently ivan (the guy in right) had his birthday a day before mine. so,  we were sharing the cake NOT because we're in some sort of "that romantic like you knw what" relationship lol.

2nd birthday: KARIN'S
she just turned 23 a few weeks ago & we prepared another lovely surprise at her house, 12am, with our own handmade cake. sounds cute, huh?

the process can be seen pretty well, yeah? despite the tiredness due to personal works & stuffs, we had loads of fun!

more birthday(s) post coming up!!!


Thursday, September 20, 2012

the ark-palette

5:33 PM 16

"why so serious?"
seems like sometimes people do take things too serious and can't see the bright side of life
well, just saying ...

so long story short, i was invited by this cool chick, Arina Karen to attend Palette's monthly event. it's some sort of workshop thingie i figured. unfortunately, my "fashionably late" appearance was too late and i missed the whole thing. damn!
but, well, i can still manage to see their new collections. yum yum!

this i couldn't agree more! "it's not about having a lot, but knowing how to mix and match each item to create different looks"
man, this is so true and so me!

after rejuvenating my crinkled eyes, i went to this French handmade crepes which located in the middle of the city yo! it was weekday and quite late, but the crowd was still crazy as.


au revoir,

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

life phenomenon

9:03 AM 13
i've been feeling this weird phenomenon circling around my life and somewhat through these mysterious events, i felt something's missing but i don't know what...

with my housemate/bestie/blog stalker:

anywaaay, a couple days ago i went to Chadstone and spotted this vogue styling session by Penny McCarthy. and i'm SO IN LOVE with her printed blazer

and MELISSA shoes exhibition... damn, i want to bring them home!