get your style-bros!

another floral pattern you notice?
YES! i'm just falling in love with flowers these days, so bear with me for a while.

today's weather is pretty good i reckon. not too windy but not too sunny either. this pretty floral blazer i got from stylebros has been a perfect companion for the day!

fyi, stylebros is a new Australian online retailers for women apparels which i'm currently digging in. its pretty collections simply amused me, and in fact, the fabric is surprisingly very light and comfy!

(introducing my new nike dunk gifted from my housemates. how adorable, huh?)

also, its current collections are just perfect for the upcoming spring. especially since it just published these two happening brands: SASS and PINCLOVE, it provides you more choices. my predilection would be pinclove to be honest. as it has this vintage thing which sort of defining me. but do take a look and  grab your favourite fast before it's running out!

FREE SHIPPING and SPECIAL DISCOUNTS are also available. check its website soon: HERE
or check its facebook page: HERE

and here's the GOOD NEWS! YAY YAY YAY!
use code "SARA" to get 20% off!
excited, much? well, I DO!

wore: stylebros floral blazer, unbranded denim shirt, hugo pink trousers, nike dunk sneakers, bought at southside market accessories

quick question:

hi readers, i'm thinking of cutting my bangs (again) but this huge dilemma strikes in as i'm afraid i'll look childish. so HELP ME! do you think i should cut it, or NOT? 



Rosalinda Tjioe said…
Adore that floral blazer sarrr! You can try it out, poni cepet panjang kok hehehe :3
kathy said…
Love your blazer!
Hmmm... not too sure, I think bangs would look great on you, but I don't want to be the person to blame if it doesn't turn out so well haha :)
gotta love that blazer! have a lovely day!
Sugar Bunny said…
love your blazer <3
Unknown said…
cool blazer!!

thanks for yoir comment
following you now
hope you can follow me back,
Anna Do said…
wow the necklace is a dream!! so beautifull!!! I love your tree blogs, i think you're very talented! Kiss
Anna Do said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Brenda evans said…
nice look, i like ur pants :)
thx for ur comment
omg..your blog is sooo cute..:)
love the blazer and your neckpiece
wanna follow each other??
xo sabbi
Vogue Villain said…
No I actually live in Los Angeles but Australia is definitely on my travel list! :)
I loove the colors in your outfit.
The floral blazer goes so well with your pants<3
I'm hosting a giveaway on my blog btw :)
hey dear. ive linked you back as a day to remember:)
love the place you took the picts btw. have a nice day!
nice outfit. lovely floral blazer ! ;)
hey dear, sartob!
you look great with those outfits.
Aku suka tempat yang kamu pake buat foto :D
I just made an ilustration of you..
Hope you like it. :D

I love this outfit and like all of the pictures, it's just beautiful how it looks a bit girly from the floral prints but still very edgy in a beautiful way.

mind following each other, dear.
Juseneide said…
Creative your necklace!!

Visit Missy Cheeks Looks on facebook:
Ellyzabeth said…
really like your floral blazer so much!! coba aja pake poni <3
Wynne Prasetyo said…
that jacket is smashing. the way you wore it makes it special!
re: Japan was quite a getaway, although not as funtastic as expected but gotta be grateful right :) thanks for asking Sara!

Love that blazer of yours :) Nice print !
adore your shoes so much! anyway i think you should :) xx
Unknown said…
totally lovely style! awesome..


FriskaApsari said…
always like you posting :)
I have a newest post in my blog ?
can you check out my blog please ? :)
I'll feel so glad :)

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