eat and shop

there're two best things i'd love to do in the world: 
well, i wanted to include sleeping too, but i might look so sluggish, so i decided to cross that out from my list :p

i'm addicted to eating lately, and i've been consuming fats all around. this is nuts.

honestly, i prefer shopping clothes and durable stuffs instead of eating
the reason is simple, food doesn't last
 as soon as you swallow them, the sensation is done. 
not to mention that you may suffer from taking them out.
yeah, it may as easy as taking a dump, but how about the fats that stay on your tummy? thigh? arm?
it can affect your health as well, isn't it?

STILL, i love to eat.
*debating with myself. how stupid*

anywaaaaaaay, i shopped online quite recently
the pleasure of browsing through the pictures, the excitement of paying by credit card with just a click, the anxiety of waiting the package to come...
everyday feels... different

i'm just being desperate of not wanting paying all the bills that came just this morning.
i didn't realize i spent that much! seriously, i didn't!
wait... maybe i did...

let's stop being so dreary, and i'll send out a GOOD NEWS Y'ALL!
if you love online shops (just like i do). i'll leak out some awesome stores list with secret promotion just to my loyal readers ;)

it's a korean store that sell women clothes, accessories, bags, and shoes.
they're so damn cheap i tell you!

<-- like this cute skirt which only cost you $7.10?! who will be able to resist it?
(click here for further info)

and this dress for $9.56!
(click here for further info)


one great news i heard from Mont Affair:
 they're now giving DRESSES away! cool stuff huh? check out their current contest here 

AND YES... there're plenty plenty plentyyyyy moreeeee
but too much info will just confuse you right?

let's take a deep breath and stop for a while...



Livia Pangdoko said…
agree! i choose for shopping too hahaha. nice post dear~ i already open coco fashion, really love it <33

Aaaahh kak i absobloodly agree with you! I love eating and shopping hihi that hamburger makes me mouth watering, so yummy
Chintya said…
The foods looks so yummmieeehhhh
Felicia Tan said…
shopping and eating is what i do best :D can't say no to a good bargain x

thanks for commenting on my blog, im following u on gfc and bloglovin now x

if u like u can visit/follow me at
Adeayu Hadijah said…
shopping and eating.. gzzz, I love both! but I love shopping most.. kekeke

nice post and pics!

visit my little cream button♥

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