Tuesday, August 28, 2012

get your style-bros!

5:50 PM 23

another floral pattern you notice?
YES! i'm just falling in love with flowers these days, so bear with me for a while.

today's weather is pretty good i reckon. not too windy but not too sunny either. this pretty floral blazer i got from stylebros has been a perfect companion for the day!

fyi, stylebros is a new Australian online retailers for women apparels which i'm currently digging in. its pretty collections simply amused me, and in fact, the fabric is surprisingly very light and comfy!

(introducing my new nike dunk gifted from my housemates. how adorable, huh?)

also, its current collections are just perfect for the upcoming spring. especially since it just published these two happening brands: SASS and PINCLOVE, it provides you more choices. my predilection would be pinclove to be honest. as it has this vintage thing which sort of defining me. but do take a look and  grab your favourite fast before it's running out!

FREE SHIPPING and SPECIAL DISCOUNTS are also available. check its website soon: HERE
or check its facebook page: HERE

and here's the GOOD NEWS! YAY YAY YAY!
use code "SARA" to get 20% off!
excited, much? well, I DO!

wore: stylebros floral blazer, unbranded denim shirt, hugo pink trousers, nike dunk sneakers, bought at southside market accessories

quick question:

hi readers, i'm thinking of cutting my bangs (again) but this huge dilemma strikes in as i'm afraid i'll look childish. so HELP ME! do you think i should cut it, or NOT? 


Saturday, August 25, 2012

blossom birthday

9:05 PM 18

i'm just dropping by to say ...
yessss, i turned 19 today!
i feel so old, man. gaaaaaaaaaaaaah
but i'm really damn happy as i could celebrate my last birthday in Melbourne with the people i love the most
and the more exciting thing is, they kindly visited my house which is in the suburb, took hours to travel here, and gave me a surprise birthday cake! how nice of them, huh?

seriously, i nearly cried (well, tears did drop a few but i'm too shy to show them :p)
and i could feel the warmness of having them around
i'm counting this as one of my best birthday ever! THANK YOU GUYS!
and thank you Lord for letting me surrounded by these people! and for showering me with His abundant grace! i truly can't thank Him enough 

YUHUUUU! it's blooming (on my legs!) ain't it pretty?
wore: zara skirt & shawl, sportsgirl bag, forever new tights, wittner heels

♥ sartob 

Monday, August 20, 2012

happy clowns

9:29 PM 33

 sorrow that troubles you,

fury that kills you

smile til your worries fade away
laugh til your sadness die down

because, we're all happy clowns
who spill out the fun to the world


and also presenting...

hot hot hot


Sunday, August 19, 2012

eat and shop

6:21 PM 5
there're two best things i'd love to do in the world: 
well, i wanted to include sleeping too, but i might look so sluggish, so i decided to cross that out from my list :p

i'm addicted to eating lately, and i've been consuming fats all around. this is nuts.

honestly, i prefer shopping clothes and durable stuffs instead of eating
the reason is simple, food doesn't last
 as soon as you swallow them, the sensation is done. 
not to mention that you may suffer from taking them out.
yeah, it may as easy as taking a dump, but how about the fats that stay on your tummy? thigh? arm?
it can affect your health as well, isn't it?

STILL, i love to eat.
*debating with myself. how stupid*

anywaaaaaaay, i shopped online quite recently
the pleasure of browsing through the pictures, the excitement of paying by credit card with just a click, the anxiety of waiting the package to come...
everyday feels... different

i'm just being desperate of not wanting paying all the bills that came just this morning.
i didn't realize i spent that much! seriously, i didn't!
wait... maybe i did...

let's stop being so dreary, and i'll send out a GOOD NEWS Y'ALL!
if you love online shops (just like i do). i'll leak out some awesome stores list with secret promotion just to my loyal readers ;)

it's a korean store that sell women clothes, accessories, bags, and shoes.
they're so damn cheap i tell you!

<-- like this cute skirt which only cost you $7.10?! who will be able to resist it?
(click here for further info)

and this dress for $9.56!
(click here for further info)


one great news i heard from Mont Affair:
 they're now giving DRESSES away! cool stuff huh? check out their current contest here 

AND YES... there're plenty plenty plentyyyyy moreeeee
but too much info will just confuse you right?

let's take a deep breath and stop for a while...


Sunday, August 12, 2012

when spring is just around the corner

6:35 PM 38

pain that i have to endure
bliss that i have to hide
tears that i have to hold
since when my life is full of lies?

when a story left unspoken
then a secret starts to reveal itself
i was judged as a wicked witch

a dark soul buried inside me
yet, a scar slips within
i'm nothing but a lost friend
who will haunt your every dreams