the saturday brunch club

the smell of sun lures my soul
and within a blink, i can sense summer right in front of me

this one bright day, i decided to go to Poste for its saturday brunch club event. the fashion show wasn't too bad but it seemed to be quite plain. nevertheless, the food was truly a pleasant.

since summer is on, it's just the perfect time to put on colourful outfits ;)

my mom (left) with her soulmate since high school

fashion show by Instituto Di Moda Burgo Indonesia

the awesome Pricilla Wismoyo, PR of Poste

kiss moi?

let's be playful, eh?

wore: hongkong top & red bowler hat, thailand skirt, tods orange bag, ruby slippers, bali & diy acessories



Unknown said…
This is totally cool, having brunch & seeing a show..the collection is pretty..I like your outfits, you look great!

come by my blog & we could follow each other..
Stephani Janet said…
a fashion show while having a brunch? awesome!
the food looks delicious! nice place too! :)
Alee R. said…
playful perfection!

xoxo, Alee
Owen said…
*drooling over your breakfast*, thankyouuu, do you want to follow each other/exchange linkss? ;)
Unknown said…
thanks for the love honey, are you studying in Australia is well? although your school term starts earlier it means that it finishes earlier and the next holiday comes sooner! :)
tuwentytri said…
this made me so hungry right now :) i love the outfits! very stylish
followed you on GFC hope you can follow me too :)
lucia m said…
loving your skirt!

Chintya said…
i love the hat <3
what a lovely blog, im following you now.
mind to follow me back dear? :)
Steven Brown said…
thanks for the comment..hope you join the proverbs. more is to come :)


god bless
Izzy said…
your outfit is so cute! love the red bowler hat :)
Tamara Emilia said…
sar lucu deh colorful gitu <3

really love your diy ring !!

Tamara xxx
Rosalinda Tjioe said…
Love the collection! Your outfit is too cute sarrr :3 x
Sabrina M said…
CUTEEE !! suka iri gue lo kalo daandan unyu abissss.hahaha itu foto gue sendiri yg foto laaa..haha yg kmrn gw ajak sar :p
Carolyne O' said…
Beautiful pictures!! Adore your blog!! :)
Thanks for your comment on mine, keep in touch!

Unknown said…
great outfit :)
You look fabulous! Love this combination!

jennieaprilla said…
hai darlaa, thanks for the lovely comment :) I have the same bowler hat too :P
I'm following you, hope you'll follow me back :)

it's midnight now and I'm hungry because the food looks really delicious T__T I love your outfit!! playful colors<3
Jiglycious said…
the foods looks so delicious!
and you look so cute

Anonymous said…
Beautiful pictures, and you have a lovely blog!!
Ellyzabeth said…
so cute collections! and adore your bowler hat and geek glasses xx
Cindy Octaviany said…
too cool to be true!
love your outfits <3

especially the bowler hat :p

stay cute!
Unknown said…
Cute skirt! And the food..... *melted

crunchy cheese me
Karina Dinda R. said…
Hmm yummy food *drooling* ;D

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Karina Dinda R. ♥
Unknown said…
lovely post and it is so cute that your mom and her best friends have been friends for so long! was the fashion show just held in a cafe? now cool :) looking great my darling! love how bold you are with colors!

xx rae
Audrey Allure said…
The food looks delicious!
Cindy C. said…
Your pics are GORGEOUS! :D LOVE all the food, looks so yummy! and your outfit is perfect! (;

Cindy C.
Unknown said…
lovely photos! i love your look, very playful :)
Anisacrament said…
Super lovely! can't wait for the next posting!
yiqin; said…
babe did you get my email :)
That egg benedict and breakfast meal set really look appetizing :p
Mitha Komala said…
love your hat and skirt, so lovely! you look adorable and stunning! those dishes look delicious ;D xx

Letters To Juliet
Florencece said…
wow, i love your style! ♥ join to my world
Unknown said…
Kate Rooney said…
Firstly, I'd like to say thank you so much for your lovely comment on my blogpost 'Baroque Opulence' on STYLE COKE. I really appreciate your comments, and when people visit my blog & iI always make sure I visit there blog too ♥

I love your blog so much, I love the style and design of it. Such a talented girl!
I'm following your journey (on blogger!) and can't wait to see more posts!

Love, Kate x

Stephanie said…
I love your food pictures!
It looks so delicious too! (:

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