holiday trip (2)

as promised, here're more pictures of my trip to these following places ;)


my favourite snack in Macau, EGGTART! <3



 more snapshots coming... stay tuned!

also, thanks a bunch to Ruby and Rosa for the Versatile Blogger Award ;))



Unknown said…
hi! i just found your blog today and i love it! i'm now a new follower! hope you do the same for me and follow me back if you like my blog :)

Cindy C. said…
Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog! Would you like to follow each other? :) Just let me know and I'll follow right back! (;

Cindy C.
kathy said…
Awesome photos!
I would kill for an egg tart right now
Ellyzabeth said…
Kak sarah so nice pics! I also ate eggtart there. I love ur bowler :)
Tasha said…
I want your outfit!!
lovely pictures!
Rosalinda Tjioe said…
Enak bgt sarrr! Gw ntr August baru ke Hongkong :3 Amazing pictures <3 x
seem had so much fun there.. can't wait the other photos :)

Hei Echa!
wow hongkong is heaven for shopping!e
Macau's egg tart is the best!

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Tamara Emilia said…
cieeee anak ausie ke macau :P
oleh"nya boleh sar hehehe
keren banget sih sartob di macau tetep stylish <3

btw follow back blog i dong :D
Michelle said…
Sip sar comot aja ;;) hihi The most exciting thing at macau is foto" di pretty gondola nya! lol :p
Wynne Prasetyo said…
you wear a lot of colors, don't you! I think i went to macau like 4 years ago, i loved it there! great photos.

re: I've never been to any real flea markets I think. the closest I got to flea markets were these small alleys in Tebet. some girls have planned on going to Pasar Senen but they say it's rather dangerous to go with no boys company, the problem is the guys don't wanna go. hahaha


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cathy said…
halo ci :D
ci sarah masih di hk? enak banget!
envy you so much!
love all the styles, the oufits. you're so stylish.<3

anyway. followed your blog, mind following back mine? it'd mean so much :)
mutianugrabita said…
Envy youu, can't wait for the upcoming pics!
Anonymous said…
hai..loved ur blog
follow back ya :)
love this pics and also your blog! It's so nice!!! I follow you!
Pass to my blog and if it likes you follow me too, I will be so glad :D
Mitha Komala said…
great pictures! bet you had lots of fun in hongkong and macau, shopped all the way there =) xx

Letters To Juliet
Anonymous said…
Hey Honey, i´m your new reader to your blog :) Nice Photos and very good Blog!
maybe we can follow each other if you like? I follow you now. Big Kisses from Germany ;-***
juventine wu said…
nice postt! xx
miriam said…
sweet pictures! and that eggtart look so good <3 YAM
i love these! thanks for sharing! also, i just want to thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment on my blog about color blocking. i hope that you have a creative monday!

♥ abby
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Owen said…
looks like fun!
love the yellow slip ons!
Unknown said…
great pictures! macau and hongkong are killer place for holiday! :)
Florencece said…
omg, amazing place! you look awesome :D ♥ join to my world!

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