holiday trip (1)

to be honest, the whole schedule we had involves shopping, shopping and shopping. we only went to 4 sightseeing spots including window of the world at Shen Zhen, disneyland and victoria peak at Hong Kong, venetian at Macau. unfortunately, through a hardcore shopping we did, only a few captured my heart. sad huh?

will tell you more in the next post. cheers!

oh anyway guys, i'll be holding a giveaway. what kind of stuff do you prefer?
1. clothes
2. acessories
3. voucher
4. others?

comment here and enlighten me babes



kathy said…
Great post!
Looks like you had a great time
You better upload some photos from Disneyland :P
ailovesamore said…
such a great holiday yaaa :D
i prefer accessories ! :D
Jiglycious said…
wow look like you had a great holiday,

following you now
hope we can follow each other

Nana said…
ooh looks like you had fun! I hate when I go shopping and I don't like anything :( better luck next time!
I think that whatever you give away in a giveaway will please you readers :3
Bonnie said…
Shopping is the most important part of any trip!
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Maiken said…
looks like you had some amazing time there! shopping definitely is amazing, right? :P
thank you for the comment, btw.

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Unknown said…
thx for the comment dear :)
nice post, such a great trip!
Clara Turbay said…
i love what you do here.
sweet and fun pictures, so good luck everyone for the giveaway :)

Herdiana Surachman
Karina Dinda R. said…
Seems you have tons of fun ^^ Love this post! Hmm for the giveaway I choose shoes ;p since it's not an option so I prefer clothes :)

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Karina Dinda R. ♥
Madame Chic Bcn said…
Hello Sartob!! Thanks a lot for your visit and kind comment on my blog. Would you like to follow each other??
Becky Tjandera said…
Waaaa I'm in Hongkong right now! Too bad, not the perfect timing. Love the photos anyway ;)
Collections said…
Love all the animal print you've got going on in this post!

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inezdiva said…
I bet you have fun out there dear :)
Jiglycious said…
thanks for your comment dear
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hope we can follow each other

Izzy said…
looks like you had an amazing time on your travels! I've always wanted to visit HK's Disneyland <3
Fashion R&D said…
Great pictures!! Thanks for the nice comment on my blog---wanna follow each other?
Helena Natanael said…
ah HK-Macau! that place is kind of paradise for shoppers, lol.. I think its better to give away clothes, people will be more interested in it ;)

have a nice day!
My Random Thoughts
Those pictures are lovely! It seems that you had a great trip!

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pretty outfit darlaa!
seems you have a great holiday
love the orange vs blue skirt one :))

Mitha Komala said…
great shots dear! hk is always the best to shop, sad to know that only few attracted you. but there is always another time right. and great shots =) xx

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Tasha said…
I love that leopard top omg </3
Sabrina M said…
aduh boook lo enak bener sih jalan" nya. heheh iya dong as a request for posting langsung gue post special for you .hihi nice to meet you laah sar btw
Shirley said…
cute pictures! i love senzhen too!
i just following you, mind to follow back?take care!
Noralia Ayu said…
nice post :)

do you love follow each other?


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