GAC, baby

yaaaaayyyyy i'm back to Melbourne, people!
i can feel the wind striking my bones
and the traffic is GONE!
farewell Jakarta ;)

before spilling all the fun i had so far in Melbourne, let's look back on the good memories in Jakarta

so, a few weeks ago, i was invited to Kawanku Celebs Awards by a great blogger friend of mine Titaz 

and damn, i tell you the crowd was crazy as!

well, long story short, there were performances and fans meeting happening.
it was so hectic and damn loud. i could hear they screaming like shit!
truthfully, i used to be like them when i was younger. but hey, I AM young. probably just a bit younger than i am now :p
i can recall the times when i was a hardcore fan of F4! lol, old times good times, bro!

yep, to those who wonder who's the chic lady besides me, it is Titaz. check out her blog here
i guess i did pop her pics in my previous posts though
dear loyal readers, i know you'll find her familiar, yes?

and this short cousin of mine, Abel who's kind enough to be my company

(wore: tailor made top, sportsgirl bag, friends couture necklace, cotton on cape, hugo boss pants, dr kong slippers)

moving on, 
so i was attracted to this new band (not the typical k-pop girlband or boyband thing) or i could just call it a group of three awesome fellas whose voices are able to mesmerise you in seconds.
i'm not joking. they're seriously talented.

i started to pay attention to them when these two siblings posted their videos in youtube. "oh, they're good" i thought. but after following their updates, their quality is just getting better. 
click play on below video and be my witness 

they're Audrey and Gamal, two beautiful singers that joined up with Cantika and formed the "new group" i was talking about.

well, on that day i was able to meet them directly and got their official CD
it was exciting, indeed and i can't tell how impressive their new songs are.

Cantika - Gamal - (me*shyface* i look somewhat ridiculous here) - Audrey

since it's been ages i last post a review, let me do an appropriate one on G(amal)A(udrey)C(antika)'s latest album then ;)

  1. First thing first, the songs: they're pretty catchy and playful, especially Jangan Parkir (The Op Op Song) it's one of my favourites. i can hear the combination of 2NE1's I Am The Best, Pitbull's I Know You Want Me, Toni Basil's Hey Mickey and since they did it intentionally, it's really funny and rather genius i must say. then, i found Berserah quite touching, as to quote "Berserah bukan berarti menyerah tapi tak henti percaya - which sort of means that once you surrender all to God, doesn't mean you're giving up but to keep your faith in Him" it totally smacks my heart, yet, it allowed me to reflect myself on how i treat God. have i trusted Him wholly? or have i not? in fact, Berserah is my all time favourite! even my mom & friends agreed! :)
  2. Secondly, their style: oh baby, i LOVE how they dressed themselves up. well, in my judgement, i can see that Cantika is more quirky and sexy. i simply adore how she maintains dashing with less accessories. with Audrey, i can say she's more about a sweet type girl. her outfits emit her character well, simple but still fashionable. i may use the word "effortlessly stylish" to conclude her appearance. since Gamal is the only guy, i can't say much to compare him. but i personally like his sense of fashion since quite a while. looking back through his old videos, he showed a certain charisma by his clothes. he's frankly stylish but not too exaggerating. 
  3. Lastly, ... ... damn, i ran out of words. 

is it too wordy for a review? i haven't written this long for a while.
yet, i understand people who are more visually adaptive, who might found this too confusing and boring.

HOWEVER, since i don't want you to miss the fun,

IN CONCLUSION (yes, you may skip the whole part & jump to the conclusion. i feel you, mate :p)
GAC's latest album was pretty catchy, playful and entertaining (kata orang indo - anak muda banget gitu!). with the support of lovely tones and talented singers, they just made a perfect combination!

ps. pls PURCHASE their OFFICIAL CD! DO NOT copy/download/buy the pirated ones. respect their work guys :)



Miss DK said…
Loooooove your blog!

You've got a new follower ;)
titaz said…
awww awawww awww makasiiiii :)
Gamal keren kan? *kedipkedip

Zo√© said…
Such cute photos - I adore the colour scheme. :)
gvozdishe said…
Thank you so much for visiting my blog!
I follow you now! Hope you will follow me back )
sarrrrr long time no see!
makin cantik & stylish dehh <3<3

Laces on My Dress
Emilie said…
Great story, it seems like you had a lot of fun on your trip :) Cool blog!

Dylan said…
YOU ARE THE FIRST TO EVER MENTION F4! You're talking about the guys who sang Meteor Shower right? I remember I had to perform that in front of the class back in primary school in China. Old school haha.

Hope you had a blast in Indonesia :)

TINA said…
Lovely photos!
kelimutu said…
omg, it's big bang!! haha
you're so lucky to have an opportunity to take a photo with GAC. They're awesoomeh! I love their music too. Have a nice weekend ya kak. (:

Joshua Tjandra said…
u really really had a great time in Jakarta didnt u, Sara? u metlots of interesting folks hahaha take care in Melb!
This comment has been removed by the author.
the bag and the boots, i can't take my eyes of it, especially that bag, where did you get it?
It's cool. your denim shorts is awesome too.

Doodle and Denim Jeans
Gamal is very sexy in that video. and these video is also good in another genre from the original ;)
Rosalinda Tjioe said…
Sarrr you guys look so kece! Kalo balik jakarta bilang lagi yah, sedih deh gr2 ulangan ga bs lunch bareng hiks. xx
Anna Brain said…
Oh wow! Sooo beautiful photos!! :)
| miss rhea | said…
blogwalking here and found your beautiful blog.
mind to follow each others? i hope we can be good friends and keep in touch always, dear ^^

| miss rhea | said…
blogwalking here and found your beautiful blog.
mind to follow each others? i hope we can be good friends and keep in touch always, dear ^^

Chintya said…
I have watched this video and always watched the videos at Gamal's channel on youtube ☺
Especially for Gamal and Audrey, I love to hear when they're duet :")

I'm totally agree with you if "Jangan Parkir" was a catchy and playful song ♥
Stella Lunardy said…
lovely post! Audrey and Gamaliel is my bestfriend's cousin! their voice is extremely awesome!I love them too:Dxx
Michelle said…
Looks fun! Kayanya rame bangett :0
How I missed melbourne :( Btw love the cover and haven't heard them yet before. Going to check the other cover for sure !
Unknown said…
Hope you guys had fun with one direction! you both look great & I love the pink necklace..
Tasha said…
Ah you met those lovelies (Cantika, Gamal, and Audrey) YAY! Lovely~ :)
Alee R. said…
brilliant colours dear!

xoxo, alee
Anonymous said…
sartob your days seems full of laugh :) wish you still in jkt krn kt blm sempet sempet aja ktmu. sukses di ausi your tight ❤

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