wish list to do in indo

i'll be back to indo for this holiday and within this short period of time, i wish i could do these things:

1. join muay thai & dancing class
2. meet up with bloggers *yes! definitely must dooooo
3. prepare photoshoots and everything for my new clothing line in aussie <3
4. arrange a giveaway
5. catch up with long lost friends 
6. watch k-drama!
7. sleepover~

yes, i didn't include "shopping" in my list and it sounds crazy as! but i've been saving up for a long trip with my mates & i shopped quite a few here as well since sale is literally everywheeeereeeee. plus, i'll be going to HK soon so i'll fill up my supply lol. 

well, i feel like doing more things though.
but i guess i couldn't fill all of them in my schedule as i'll be staying for only 2-3 weeks :(

anyway, today i went to brunswick with my fellas & all we did involved photo-taking lol. it was drizzling & chilly but we produced awesome shots :)

wore: vintage wool jacket, cotton on blue neon dress, forever new tights, ruby black ankle boots, run wild horses necklace, celine sling bag, zara dark green shawl

there're more photos coming!
they're still uploading and will take some time...
so, stay tune




j said…
Wooowww, so pretty! The scenery was beautiful too

Rosalinda Tjioe said…
Ahhhh pretty shots <3 Sarrrrr you cakep sangat! x

loved your blog <3
Sabrina M said…
awww prety !! i love your dress and where do you live in indo? haha if you live in jakarta we can meet up !! yeaaay and good luck for your clothing line in aussie

join my second giveway

Unknown said…
Chic outfits +
terrific photo skills +
exquisite scenery +
awesome friends = SUPERB BLOG ♥
Christian said…

My camera is 600D and the red olympus camera is not mine. Welcome to Hong Kong and wish you a safe trip! Enjoy it!

*You are welcomed to follow my blog. Thanks!!

Eva M. said…
Hi! Thank you for leaving a comment on my blog! Let me know if you want us to follow each other. Just tell me if you followed me already so I can follow you back right away! By the way, I'm inlove with your blue dress!

Keep in touch!
Karina Dinda R. said…
Such a great post dear! Love it :)

Join my birthday giveaway, open internationally, win pretty mini dress or magnificent outwear! Click here \(^o^)/
Karina Dinda R. ♥
Nora said…
love the royal blue maxi!! fabulous!

and yeah i'm indonesian actually, thanks for dropping by my blog :)

Nora Finds
Anonymous said…
ayoo ktmu ;D kabar kabari ya klo km di jkt sar.. you rock with that outfit. love the blue maxi and you put all very well on you <3 <3
Joanna said…
Hi dear! Thank you for your visit on my blog.
I like yours also.
What do you think about following each other?
I follow you now:)


Minie said…
Great shots, I love your blue dress :)
What about follow each other?
Let me know.
blogger fashion emg kreatif ya,,,

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