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i'm back to jakarta!
well, HK trip was amazing and ... tiring.
i did tons of shopping, indeed. will post them later ;)

anyway, i lost my phone when transiting in malaysia, so yeah, email me at if you feel like hanging out.

also, the fact that GERMANY has just lost suddenly ruined my mood. so, i'll make this one quick.

waiting desperately for...

1. spain's victory over italy!
2. any news of my lost phone :s

by the way, i just watched SNSD's MV of paparazzi.
to be honest, i kinda dislike the song and the MV itself.
however, i'm attracted with sunny's tights and apparently, i ordered a similar one from oasap 

(sunny - right side)

since i feel like "korean-ing" -i'm not sure if that word exists, anyway,
i asked my housemate to dress up with my new tights.

ta-da! with the hat & tights, doesn't she look pretty korean-ish? lol



Rosalinda Tjioe said…
Akkk sar let's meet up! Hp u ilanggg? D: Iyah, paparazzi emg rada jelek :/ your housemate is adorable! x
jess said…

xo jess xo
yees! you look soooo korean, love it!

Sabrina M said…
aww ayuk sar , gue juga udah libur . emailin contact lo aja sar ya. hihih :D
stylefrontier said…
bolehh meet up!
im still in jkt ini hahaha
mention me @vheney ;)

style frontier
Bellamoreway said…
seems like you had a fun trip! your housemate really looks like korean :) bytheway, im going to korea this holiday,cant wait!
Nana said…
Aw, I'm sorry you lost your phone :/ hope you'll find it! your roomie looks super cute and very korean indeed XD
Joshua Tjandra said…
sorry to say, but I think Italy will be the one victorious :D not a fan of them tho haha
Ellyzabeth said…
Ah your house mate look like korean :P lol
Anonymous said…
hello, just drop by on your blog and the blog is so great!
anyway, wanna follow each other?

sweet and sugars,
Ivy Sie said…
At first I hate the MV too, but as I listen to the song repeatedly, suddenly I'm in love with it. I keep listening to paparazzi song for days!

anyway, love your tights! super adorable! oh, and I hope you'll find your phone <3 xx
Unknown said…
thx dear for the comment :D
hope nex time you'll get your luck back :)
anyway your housemate is pretty :)
Anonymous said…
ouuucchh so lucky to go there dear...
you're pretty
and so sorry for your phone, hope you can a new of it <3<3
hae a wonderful week dear

Karina Dinda R. said…
Nice post dear! Love it ^^ MV nya emang biasa aja, tapi lagunya tetep juara hehehe apalagi part nya Pany Yo RA-TA-TA :)

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Karina Dinda R. ♥
Wynne Prasetyo said…
oh you were just in HK? that's wonderful! the housemate looks really cute with that outfit.

Marlen said…
aw no, i'd be so mad if i lost my phone :/

but loooove the tights! they remind me of the 50s so much- they're so pretty. and love how you styled it up, it's a very fun outfit :)
Great pictures! I'm following you now :)
t said…
Cool tights!
Alee R. said…
thanks for the comment made on my blog! youre blog is cute! I'm following you now on GFC and Bloglovin, hope you could follow me back to :)

xoxo, alee
Kiki said…
cool style :)
maybe we can follow each other ?
i just got back from HK and sorry about your hp.
Your housemate really looks like Korean

CINDY said…
snsd is truly an inspiration. awesome tights babe!

SO sad to hear that you lost your phone :(
Anonymous said…
so sorry to hear your lost phone :( & that's one gorgeous tights, your housemate looks pretty with it xoxo
Stephani Janet said…
your friend looks pretty!! love the oversized sweater!
Sugar Bunny said…
i love your the tights too
Collections said…
Love your hat and tights look! Can't believe you lost your phone that stinks. In case you didn't know already Spain won 4-0. :)

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Jewel Delgado said…
awwww.. cute outfit looks like you're korean. :)

Jewel Clicks
Ester Durães said…
love those tights! :)
cbsowl said…
kinda disappointed right with the MV ? sebelum MV nya keluar heboh dengan pembuatannya yang wah. pas diliat.. -_-

love your tights!

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