one sunday afternoon

this is a picture story, and yes, just an imaginary story i created :p
so, enjoy! ;)

two staring at reality, wondering what's happening out there. 
where curiosity drives their guts, step by step they walked out of the door

through their journey, one asked her surroundings which road will help her reaching the destination. loads of suggestions influenced her, yet, her distrust of self brought her into harder choices and puzzled her even more.

her confusion leads her nowhere as she travelled in circle. having no sight where would be the end, she's almost giving up.

and right there she looked at a lady who inspired her to cross a new land. try other alternative she said. new challenges await she said.

she then followed and luckily, she succeeded in finding the right path.

as she met people with specific clues, she realised her destination is just around the corner.

she blinks her bold eyes and... yes, everything was just her imagination. she lacks the courage to move on. in fact, she was still standing in the border, glaring at her friend who's leaving her behind.

a dreamer's journey on one sunday afternoon...

anyway, i wore:
vintage blue blazer, unbranded snake skin pattern top, blue leather bag & black jeans, ruby silver slipper, bought at korea yellow shawl, run wild horses eiffel tower blue pin



kathy said…
Such an amazing post :)
Haha I loved the story
These photos are seriously kick-ass!
hello :) can you tell me how you edit those "words" into a different colors? love it soooo much!
Wynne Prasetyo said…
i love your edits. where's all these pics taken?
re: your comment was lovely, thanks!

Lizelisabeth said…
I really love your posts. Very creative! Great backgroud by the way. Am now following too! ;)

Hugs and kiss kiss,
Kelinha said…
Thnkx dear. you have an amazing blog, too.
Do you want to follow each other?*
really love the photos! great :D
Rosalinda Tjioe said…
Sarrrr keyen banget sih foto nya huhu. Disini ga ada tempat foto keren T_T
Stevia said…
these pics are gorgeous..
it doesn't look Indonesia tho.. where is it??

The Sweetest Escape 

and your little story is amusing and darling at the same time :)
Marlen said…
that was so cute how you turned your day into a story, loved it :)
Anonymous said…
sar editnya bisa bgt deh so kreatif :):) kpn km dtgnya dear ? tolong bawa kk ke ausi please. haha tmptnya bagus" amat.
RaeAbigael said…
gorgeous photos =)

visit my blog?
and if you like it, feel free to click that follow button pretty! =)
Cliff Tuna said…
Awesome pictures, Sara! I love them all :D
Jewel Delgado said…
Lovely photos! Awwww... Love it.

Jewel Clicks
Lovely photos, love the one with the triangle form!

wulanfung said…
nice post ! i'm following u.. mind to follow back ? :)
Nana said…
how cute! :))
Love the editing going on here ! Great technique :)
I love the jacket and the wedges.... AWESOME!
Chunky Cat said…
thank you for your lovely comment on my blog :)
these photos are amazing! love the editing <3 great story :D
Unknown said…
haha love that story :D anw i also like the way you edit your photos :33
thanks for popping by!
love this post and also your blog! It's so nice!!! I follow you!
Pass to my blog and if it likes you follow me too, I will be so glad :D
sherlyn said…
nice photos and location! where was it? so beautiful!

thank you for visiting my blog :D
Ellyzabeth said…
aaah those images are too amazing sarah :"D btw followed your blog, mind to followback? :P
Virginie said…
Great pictures ! :)

xoxo Virginie
Mitha Komala said…
i love the photos, so nice! love ypur print shirt and shoes. you look stunning xx

Letters To Juliet
Anonymous said…
Love the photos!


So much fun and adventure in one day. I like your photo editing!
Bellamoreway said…
love the story dear.
cool edits! <3

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