it's SWOT VAC people!
i can't really define it as a holiday, while it's actually a week break for students to prepare their exams
and yeah baby, study til your mind buuuuuurn!

to enlighten my blocked head, i decided to take a few shots which have been delayed for AGESSSS!
so, i had these two gorgeous monstore tees and i've been wearing them like everyday, but i never had the time to specifically showing them off in any of my posts :p

so here it goes...


this tee is actually quite simple (i'm referring to the pic above, kay! lol), still, it has a very unique design which catches the eye.
also its butterfly cutting adds the attractiveness.
not to mention that it's really comfy to wear.
and babe, i'm being honest.

LOL, i know that i'm crazy enough to edit my own face like that. 
but heck, it initially looked hilarious, so why not took the advantage?

if you love this tee (like how much i do) click here to get a better view and of course, to get one for yourself!

and through my photos
i guess you can see how messy my life has been :p
please excuse the unwanted stuffs lying around everywhere...

can't be bothered tidying them up lol

and if your heart captured this one instead, ... 
sorry, i couldn't find it in monstore's online catalogue but you may be able to ask them directly ;)

click here to see its website

i better get back to my study now :(



Stella Winata said…
hello! I'm taking double masters degree at Caulfield. I guess I might see around in campus? :)

btw I love you retro-style photos!
this is so cute!
thanks for your lovely comment on my blog, mind to follow each other dear?♥
Anonymous said…
OMGG monstore so cute I have the reindeer cropped tee! Must must go der again during brightspot! I have my eyes on the knit cropped tee
HAHA love your crazy photos! Yay for penguin bedsheet!! I think I have the same blue floral skirt as you :)

miss tea | crochet giveaway
Jessica said…
cool and fun photos as usual!!! :)
Ivy Sie said…
So cute photos <3 :p love your heels! X
Joshua Tjandra said…
haha nice outfit! good luck on the upcoming exam (:
Bellamoreway said…
i love those shirts dear! im having final exam too this week, its pretty hectic.
wanna follow each other?
Shelly said…
You are stuning dear :) ! Some good crazy, rebel and young photos!

Much Love from ThePeppyMay
Bonnie said…
I love these shots. The coloring on the pictures is fantastic.
Twitter: @GlamKitten88
Anonymous said…
I also have similar tshirt as yours! Got it from my friend as a birthday gift. It was totally comfortable as you say & does own distinguish style. I heard monstore will open its booth at brightspot? So looking forward for that! :)

Anonymous said…
Oh and I hope you could approve my friend request at facebook, as unfortunately I don't own a blog to keep you in touch :)

Ray D. said…
Gorgeous tees there babe!

Beny Ricardo said…
you're so nature!!!, and of course another grunge yet geek chic :D

love from!/
Unknown said…
awww my god you guys are so much fun to be with!
thank you for commenting on my blog honey, I'm following you now :))
Jing Qi said…
great outfit! and ooooo your penguin bedsheet is sooooo cute! can i have it from you? :P

also, would you like to follow each other on GFC? i've followed you already xx do let me know!
Diana Marks said…
fun pictures!

thanks for stopping by my blog. if you want we could follow each other ;)

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