a little adventure

it was hell an adventure!

so first of all,
my friends and i went to brunswick to have a brunch in this infamous cafe which was appealing to the eyes

doesn't it look tasty?
with such affordable price, awesome decor & lovely food... yeah they complete my day

lovely girls who accompanied my lone self :p

breakfast menu <3


afterwards, we planned to visit an art market nearby, and thanks to google map (and our stupid sense of direction) we got lost.
instead, we found this park with a sense of autumn and everything, it was just beautiful.

 it took ages for us to take the shots, but we care no more.
yes, the view has taken our breath away and we felt like staying forever.

our adventure didn't stop there, we went back to the city and stayed at BRUNETI to have a cup of coffee & cake <3
as we found the place was perfect to take more shots, we gave it a try and again, capturing the moments was inevitable

me with karina renata : the girl behind the beautiful pictures shown in the previous post.
she is one talented photographer, however she pursues engineering & business for career. 
anyway, she also shares looooots of similarities with me, 
it was like we were separated from birth! lol <3

lastly, we ended our journey in ICC for a short seminar about modernisation and what God says about it in the bible. it was very interesting knowing more information about the world we're facing now.

that's about it!

so tell me, what's your favorite photo?



Rosalinda Tjioe said…
Ahhhh you lucu banget sarrr! Love your outfit as well <3 X

i love the autumn park photos <3 i love the view there <3

whooa you are so vintage! love it so muchhh <3
nice photos!

Ivy Sie said…
you look adorable! my favourite photo would be the 'what women talk' photo, so cute! oh and the food look so yummy! <3

following you now :) xx
Cuteee <333

Love your outfit and the food looks so good!

kathy said…
Loving your outfit!
Hehe can't choose a favourite photo, they are all amazing :)
stylefrontier said…
really love the photos look like such a fun daY!
smp juli dear km tgl brp smp jkrta? :D

style frontier
Diana said…
Looks like you had a great day with your friends :)

mihihi love all the photos dear! you look really had fun you look slightly different than before hihi. u look more beautiful and mature i think :p

cheers, Jessica

P.S :
wanna follow each other?
Nana said…
what a beautiful dress :)) and it looks like you were having lots of fun! :) isn't it lovely when you get lost and find something cool like a pretty park?
FROGGY said…
hey! thanks for commenting on my blog :D i go to melbourne uni btw :) looks like you go to monash?

and i've always wanted to go to little creatures and i think i will soon from your pictures!!!
adnaoy said…
beauuuutiful view! So awesome! I would really love to camp on there :p

Come and hail to my cruise~
Angelina. said…
thank you soo much cutie :)
absolutely love ur outfits and maybe we can follow each other ? xx
allie said…
love your hair and the food looks delish!
Ayu Adiras said…
seems like you had so much fun! love your photos, nice blog. do you want to follow each other?
kisses from jakarta ;)


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