fly love

jamie foxx - fly love

this song just strikes straight in my heart
and in second, i fell in love...

anyway, i'm joining fiona's giveaway click here for more info

i'm fighting over these cute knitting accessories. aren't they lovely? <3
anyway, i'm NOT suggesting you to join, because in that case, i'll raise my competitors :p 
lol, just kidding!
you're absolutely welcome to join the giveaway by clicking this link and follow the instructions

but still, wish me luck kay? :p

will post more outfit post soon! in the meantime, let's enjoy jamie foxx's song: FLY LOVE <3



lucia m said…
love it!

Marlen said…
im not usually a fan of jamie foxx, but i looove this song. it made me instantly smile haha
Kelinha said…
So nice pictures. Im a new follower, because i like your blog so much. Hope you follow me back ;)*
those stuffs are cute! ♥
Karina Dinda R. said…
Hello dear! Thank you for your lovely comment on my blog ^^ I'm will on internship in some agriculture company/industry, wish me luck :) Mind to follow each other?

Join my birthday giveaway, open internationally, win pretty mini dress or magnificent outwear! Click here \(^o^)/
Karina Dinda R. ♥
Riski Novianti said…
thanks for your sweet comment,my dear..
I followed you right now! hope you'll follow me back :D

yes! they are so lovely!
bytheway thanks for dropping comment on my blog<3

Unknown said…
amazing blog!!i'm following you !!if you like mine,do the same!!!!

Freaky Friday

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love that giveaway! so cute.

That's a really great music indeed! ;) Very helpful to calming the rough day!

PS: You are invited to be our featured blogger and to JOIN our #ustyleit Featured Bloggers competition!! Click HERE to find out more! ;)

MLU the blog.
inezdiva said…
nice :)
Nixie Pyrena said…
weather di indo yaaa mendung" ujan gitu deh. hahahhaa. good luck semoga menang giveawaynya ! gw ga ikutan deh biar ga jd competitor, hahahahahahah :P

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