Friday, June 29, 2012

window of the world

4:33 AM 31
i'm back to jakarta!
well, HK trip was amazing and ... tiring.
i did tons of shopping, indeed. will post them later ;)

anyway, i lost my phone when transiting in malaysia, so yeah, email me at if you feel like hanging out.

also, the fact that GERMANY has just lost suddenly ruined my mood. so, i'll make this one quick.

waiting desperately for...

1. spain's victory over italy!
2. any news of my lost phone :s

by the way, i just watched SNSD's MV of paparazzi.
to be honest, i kinda dislike the song and the MV itself.
however, i'm attracted with sunny's tights and apparently, i ordered a similar one from oasap 

(sunny - right side)

since i feel like "korean-ing" -i'm not sure if that word exists, anyway,
i asked my housemate to dress up with my new tights.

ta-da! with the hat & tights, doesn't she look pretty korean-ish? lol


Tuesday, June 19, 2012

walk through the universe

7:55 PM 21
Indonesia yesterday and HK tomorrow! EXCITED? hell yeaaaaah!

well, before that, let me pop some pics Karin took from our trip to savers

bought this authentic varsity jacket of yankees for 25 bucks only!

wore: bought at korea sweater, cotton on baggy jeans, wittner black heels

i feel like writing more BUT i haven't packed for tomorrow! so, wish me a safe trip and... 


Thursday, June 14, 2012

one sunday afternoon

12:06 PM 30
this is a picture story, and yes, just an imaginary story i created :p
so, enjoy! ;)

two staring at reality, wondering what's happening out there. 
where curiosity drives their guts, step by step they walked out of the door

through their journey, one asked her surroundings which road will help her reaching the destination. loads of suggestions influenced her, yet, her distrust of self brought her into harder choices and puzzled her even more.

her confusion leads her nowhere as she travelled in circle. having no sight where would be the end, she's almost giving up.

and right there she looked at a lady who inspired her to cross a new land. try other alternative she said. new challenges await she said.

she then followed and luckily, she succeeded in finding the right path.

as she met people with specific clues, she realised her destination is just around the corner.

she blinks her bold eyes and... yes, everything was just her imagination. she lacks the courage to move on. in fact, she was still standing in the border, glaring at her friend who's leaving her behind.

a dreamer's journey on one sunday afternoon...

anyway, i wore:
vintage blue blazer, unbranded snake skin pattern top, blue leather bag & black jeans, ruby silver slipper, bought at korea yellow shawl, run wild horses eiffel tower blue pin


Tuesday, June 12, 2012

fly love

8:38 PM 14

jamie foxx - fly love

this song just strikes straight in my heart
and in second, i fell in love...

anyway, i'm joining fiona's giveaway click here for more info

i'm fighting over these cute knitting accessories. aren't they lovely? <3
anyway, i'm NOT suggesting you to join, because in that case, i'll raise my competitors :p 
lol, just kidding!
you're absolutely welcome to join the giveaway by clicking this link and follow the instructions

but still, wish me luck kay? :p

will post more outfit post soon! in the meantime, let's enjoy jamie foxx's song: FLY LOVE <3


Monday, June 11, 2012

a little adventure

12:01 PM 19
it was hell an adventure!

so first of all,
my friends and i went to brunswick to have a brunch in this infamous cafe which was appealing to the eyes

doesn't it look tasty?
with such affordable price, awesome decor & lovely food... yeah they complete my day

lovely girls who accompanied my lone self :p

breakfast menu <3


afterwards, we planned to visit an art market nearby, and thanks to google map (and our stupid sense of direction) we got lost.
instead, we found this park with a sense of autumn and everything, it was just beautiful.

 it took ages for us to take the shots, but we care no more.
yes, the view has taken our breath away and we felt like staying forever.

our adventure didn't stop there, we went back to the city and stayed at BRUNETI to have a cup of coffee & cake <3
as we found the place was perfect to take more shots, we gave it a try and again, capturing the moments was inevitable

me with karina renata : the girl behind the beautiful pictures shown in the previous post.
she is one talented photographer, however she pursues engineering & business for career. 
anyway, she also shares looooots of similarities with me, 
it was like we were separated from birth! lol <3

lastly, we ended our journey in ICC for a short seminar about modernisation and what God says about it in the bible. it was very interesting knowing more information about the world we're facing now.

that's about it!

so tell me, what's your favorite photo?