we live in this chaotic world, fairly discovering the underlying truth,
thoughts of having easy play conquers the mind, but we wonder the taste of challenges to paint the edges of our portrait
this, i called the complexity of human existence.

"intricacy of one's life is relevant" one said. "the judgement of happiness is biased. just like a scale, life's should be balanced out with problems" other supported.

yet, the unwillingness of facing issues reveals the dream of everyone. but, simplicity bores them.

so this life... what is it?
inconsistencies lying among the atmosphere just confuses me even more.

smile, though your heart is aching. smile, even though it's breaking. 
so, are you living in this type of life? where pretending to be something is worthwhile rather than standing anonymously?

is faking oneself will satisfy this so-called life? deceiving ourselves just to sense accepted,  hiding beneath an ambiguous mask to mimic someone who you are not?

i don't know what version of life are you living in. but, just let our inmost decides.

vintage purple outerwear, pull&bear t-shirt, cotton on belt, bought at sogo skirt, zara black tights, bought at st kilda market bird-hair extension <3



Rosalinda Tjioe said…
Cute pictures sabbb! Lucu banget editannya =) X

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Unknown said…
nice pictures...
Unknown said…
I really like those very fun photos xoxo
thanks for commenting on my blog dear, would you like to follow each other?
Anonymous said…
aaaa kamu itu lucu bgt sartob hihihi. btw masa kk yg ikutan anggun cari bintang pantene mana cocok? haha itu jg review product :P
ayo ayo meet up kk dijkt kok,km jun until kapan? convo via tweet ya :)
Marcell Fortuna said…
Thank you for leave me a comment :)
love the pictures, looks so colorful!

Marise said…
These photos look amazing! I love the editing :)
Anonymous said…
Very nice photos!!!

Kisses from Italy

stylefrontier said…
love the purple jacket!
and the vintage stuffs on the previous post makes me droll

style frontier
Vanessa said…
I think it's an interesting post :D
I love all the pictures
Bonnie said…
Great editing on the pictures. They look so fun!
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JANICE G said…

thanks for visiting my blog and left me a comment! :)

the STYLE Fringe BLOG
Unknown said…
great edited!! <3

if you don't mind please visit my blog :) thank you theenn <3

Unknown said…
i love how you edit the photos!very creative of you!
Anonymous said…
Nice photos! ;)

Kisses from Italy

Anonymous said…
Daaaaamn! You totally rock the shots X)X)))))

Vennie said…
Suka luarannya!!!!!! Dan jga editannyah! Luv yur style sis.

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