Friday, May 25, 2012


7:52 PM 16
we live in this chaotic world, fairly discovering the underlying truth,
thoughts of having easy play conquers the mind, but we wonder the taste of challenges to paint the edges of our portrait
this, i called the complexity of human existence.

"intricacy of one's life is relevant" one said. "the judgement of happiness is biased. just like a scale, life's should be balanced out with problems" other supported.

yet, the unwillingness of facing issues reveals the dream of everyone. but, simplicity bores them.

so this life... what is it?
inconsistencies lying among the atmosphere just confuses me even more.

smile, though your heart is aching. smile, even though it's breaking. 
so, are you living in this type of life? where pretending to be something is worthwhile rather than standing anonymously?

is faking oneself will satisfy this so-called life? deceiving ourselves just to sense accepted,  hiding beneath an ambiguous mask to mimic someone who you are not?

i don't know what version of life are you living in. but, just let our inmost decides.

vintage purple outerwear, pull&bear t-shirt, cotton on belt, bought at sogo skirt, zara black tights, bought at st kilda market bird-hair extension <3


Friday, May 18, 2012


9:07 AM 19

yes, exams are just around the corner without me realising.
i remembered the first day i came to Melbourne
the day when i first entered Monash University
excited, anxious, eager to see what the future awaits
but here i am, staring at my lecture slides, 
wondering if i could return to the past...

these few weeks had me thinking of how wonderful my life back then

when innocence covered back our childish looks
and never ending drama colours our days
when friendship and love stories are the highlights of our pages

but things changed by a bit and a bit 
yet, everything seems so different now

*it's just an old pic of mine which i edited out of boredom, please excuse my paint editing skill :p


Thursday, May 10, 2012

superhero in disguise

9:56 PM 15
a superhero in disguise
hiding beneath his tough heroic act whom people call in adoration
he, then looks so strong, his stare was convincing enough to trap people's imaginations of being safe
in fact, everything was just a dream
he was a fiction, and will always be.
yet, the clouded truth people always deny
that is you, yourself, is your own hero
for this scene i often called life

most importantly, there's a real hero whom i've always adore
whom never fail to keep me safe and sound
from the day i was born til my final breath
is my God, Jesus
whose face i've never seen
but his presence always console me

yes, he is my hero
who grows inside me to let me shine as a hero
to bring the best out of me
who let me contribute and be a part of this bizarre world
me, you, us in him will mould a hero in self
God is the key
be a hero in God ;)

alright, let's drop the formal speech & let me explain a little bit about the photos
so, i had this costume-theme meeting at my church and it went crazy as.
i didnt intend to wear a costume or such, but decided to bring my cat headband along just in case
and yeap, people came well prepared, so i put on my meow prop & ready to scratch you with loveeee
yes, i'm a modern type of cat woman :p