a new family

so, i  joined two easter camps & met loads of new lovely people
and eventually, they've became a part of my new family :") 

some snapshots to peek at:

Indonesian Christian Church
yes, new Indonesian fellas!

outfit: vintage shirt, celine sling bag, zara orange pants & converse snickers
jump & try to reach the sky, ladies!

canoe-ing, hell yeaaaaaah

trying to be seductive? oh yeah baby

outfit: zara green jacket & orange pants

isn't the view pretty?

Monash - Melbourne University Student Life,
new world-wide mates ;)

easter chocolate eggs! yuuum :9

spreading our loves <3

blokus! being attacked by these silly boys :"(

and trampoline for some attractive moves. bring it on! 

well, that's a little update i could spot for now. i'm having a lot of assignments to do so, pls understand :p



Ima said…
Even just by looking at those photos I can tell that you had a lot of fun. And cute vintage shirt by the way :D

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