Monday, April 30, 2012

southside handmade & vintage market

3:09 PM 14

i attended 3 major events & they jst made my whole week awesome! 
+ there was NO ASSIGNMENT DUE! :p

1. EtCetera
Trio Lestari performed & blew my mind off. i totally fell in love with their voices, jokes & messages about indo's politic & culture. 

2. Who is Super Now?
superhero costume party arranged by ICC. 
it was pretty fun yet entertaining, absolutely enjoyed the stand up comedy & the treasure hunt games.

3. Southside Handmade & Vintage Market
yeah, it's my highlight for the page!

so, i've been wanting to come to this market for like 3 months or so but i never had the perfect time to pop in. one random day, i looked at its page saying a free $100 voucher competition is on, and 
i didn't know wht hit my mind, i just wrote a comment hoping i'll win the voucher. but, i've never won one, so i didn't get my hopes high -_-

the next morning, when the competition ended, i received a comment from it saying I WON! i was like REALLYYYY???

long story short, i did won the voucher and spent my afternoon shopping at the market. 
it was... AMAZING! it's quite packed & so many stuffs to love to. and i can't thank Anne enough for the huge opportunity! i love you muchoooooo, dear! xx

anyway, to those who wish to visit Southside Handmade & Vintage Market, it will take place every last Saturday of the month! so don't worry you'll get a chance to be stunned :) 
click HERE for more info ;)

the historical pictures:

 isn't she lovely? heart the red essence on her!

with Anne & Fin, the lovely ladies behind Southside Handmade & Vintage Market

spent most of my vouchers in her stall. love her creations!

 their rings are to die for! Black Diamond Accessories rule!

can u feel my excitement? :D

and the stuffs i bought:

 got this for $5 only!

stay tune for my next post,

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

a new family

9:21 AM 2
so, i  joined two easter camps & met loads of new lovely people
and eventually, they've became a part of my new family :") 

some snapshots to peek at:

Indonesian Christian Church
yes, new Indonesian fellas!

outfit: vintage shirt, celine sling bag, zara orange pants & converse snickers
jump & try to reach the sky, ladies!

canoe-ing, hell yeaaaaaah

trying to be seductive? oh yeah baby

outfit: zara green jacket & orange pants

isn't the view pretty?

Monash - Melbourne University Student Life,
new world-wide mates ;)

easter chocolate eggs! yuuum :9

spreading our loves <3

blokus! being attacked by these silly boys :"(

and trampoline for some attractive moves. bring it on! 

well, that's a little update i could spot for now. i'm having a lot of assignments to do so, pls understand :p


Monday, April 2, 2012

just another day in melbourne

6:04 PM 10

a new day has begun and i'm just standing clear with no one attached
i want to start this day anew, let the luck be in my favour

yet, it's just another day in melbourne...

sartob <3