Saturday, January 28, 2012

fys yourself

9:19 AM 3
the title sounds so rude, don't you think? tht was my first my impression too.
but after browsing this website, it wasn't tht bad. turns out, it was one of the coolest websites i've ever used.
anyway, i'll show ya some of my creations 

india skirt, juicy couture purple watch, korea necklace, forever 21 lacey top

kay, the last one was purely raw :p


Tuesday, January 24, 2012

melbourne, you're greatly missed

9:09 PM 3
still, im in despair finding my old photos in picasa which have disappeared suddenly. if you have any idea how to recover those, please let me know. please ;)

while waiting the old ones to be found, i'll pop out new pics instead.

zara orange trousers, unbranded red top, tods orange handbag, korea necklace, sportsgirl turban

a few more weeks til leaving indo (again)
i can finally breathe the fresh air, walk with the friendly wind, face non-traffic roads, and, well, get some good food in melbourne.
i just cant wait!
 meanwhile, let's enjoy the rest of my EY days and short holiday in indo. yay!


Tuesday, January 17, 2012


9:23 PM 2
idk wht the hell happened with picasa as i lost all of my pics in a sudden, and believe me it sucked!

i was in shock and lost my passion to blog for these past few weeks (or months). it is sad.

meanwhile, in reality i faced loads of unending problems and wanted to get away soon, 
but i cant, and again it is sad.

i feel like moaning, crying, and bitching the entire page, but it's not right. 
this shit ain't solve my problem or so. 

well, i need to cheer up real soon, or this will be a gloomy, dark blog that no one will even dare to see.

it is sad. it is.

we're stepping the year of 2012.
"end of the world" people called, but let's face this life shall we?

so, have you made any resolution? or will you just let everything flow?

i'll shut up for a bit and slip several pics to stare at. ciao!

isn't it damn huge?