brag a bit, mate?

how inconsistent i am, yes?

i know i am on a hiatus (duh, i posted it jst a few days ago. or no... was it yesterday?)
but man, do you knw how bored i am right now? nah, you hv no idea at all.

i'm stuck w/ mid semester test tmrw so i drank a double espresso DARE, and here i am writing annoying blahs, ignoring my tutes & an open book right in front of my eyes (well, technically it's not literally in front of my eyes- if you knw wht i mean)

i believe by browsing, youtube-ing, facebook-ing, blogwalking & you knw, non-important-but-somehow-interesting-thing-to-do-when-you-are-so-desperate killing time stuffs would rejuvenate my eyes from those finance theories & nonsense calculations, but, lol, i jst noticed it's 5 am already, oups.

goodbye finance, im officially disregarding you! YEAY! 

i know my writings would waste every important second of your life, so here i come to the point.

it's been... hm, prolly 6 months? since my gogirl article went out. but i havent really posted it here, so here it goes.

well, honestly, im not satisfied w/ the pics quality and my overall outfits. hold on, there're reasons for that, mate! *and im blaming MYSELF, note: im really thankful for kak Media's patience&cooperation. it's truly fully my fault. lols :)

1. when i was contacted by gogirl staff, i was jst arrived in melbourne! and knowing tht i'll be back next year, she asked me to take self-taken pics n send her instead. i agreed and yes, the non-professional photos suck!

2. since i was new in melb, i only had a few old stuffs and really have nothing extraordinary to show off. i was seriously in a fashion-crisis (and still am) and in need to go shopping like immediately. but again, ive got no time, so i wore oldies instead gaaah!

3. ... nah, i think thts it

um, right, so I REALLY CANT WAIT TO GO BACK TO INDO ON NOVEMBER and DO HARDCORE SHOPPING! i really mean it. gonna make a HARDCORE one.
since i've got a job here & pocket extra monies, i'll be spending them on SHOPPING~

lol, sound so pathetic, dont i?

oh oh! im arriving on 20 november n will stay till prolly feb,
if you're free pls contact me asap! i knw it's on holiday, but ive got tons things to do as well :p (like internship) so please pls pls make an early arrangement ;)

do i talk too much?



Hippiegonemad said…
nice!! congrats for the featured
Livia Pangdoko said…
wow, congrats dear.. :) love your outfit on that magz..
Unknown said…
congrats on being featured :) and i just followed you!nice blog
ailovesamore said…
yeaa , i read ure featured , im happy for you dear :*
Claire Sun said…
Congrats for the feature! :)
I think you looked sweet and lovely.
I found that I have flew home by the time I read your comment... we should've met in melbourne if you let me know sooner!
Maybe for the next visit we'd be able to arrange the coffee-time. My boyfriend study there and I had a little visit to accompany him sometimes. :)
Mrs. Aa said…
congrats for being featured..

and i do in love with your style btw :)
i'm following now
wish you can do the same thing whenever you have a chance :D

warmest regards,
Miss Aa
congratulation !
u re awesome ! :D

congrats dear !! :)
thnks for your lovely comment on my blog btw :)
ardicha dindy said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
ardicha dindy said…
Is it you? Wow, congratulation. I love your style
wow congratulation! I've seen you on gogirl magz! can u share me how are the steps to be on rated stylish? :) thanks a lot :)
back again. btw. just see your stuff, cute glasses.
Stella Lee said…
hello there! love your blog! anyway i have OPI giveaway on my blog, the total prize is over 1 million IDR, and there will be 3 winners!

care to join? ^^ thanks!
titaz said…
ayooo jumpaaaaa!!!
kangeeen :)
Anonymous said…
hai there, Sara! Thank you for dropping comments to my blog. Come on, keep posting. I miss reading your post ;)

Mey said…
Hey, Sartob, thanks for your lovely comment. I happened to notice that you're Indonesian? Actually, me too! :) Hehe and also, it seemed to be a big coincidence that your featured friend (Arina) was in the same exact year & class as one of my friends, Anthonick (I noticed in your post for her and you had some of his works photographed, too!) Haha the world is too small! :) Anyway, hope we'd get to meet up sometime. :) xx

P.S. You've got a great vintage style! <3 it.
Unknown said…
selamatttttt sartob! ;)
soundsekerta gak tau ni dateng gak. haha
bnyak yang ajak si
Sabila Anata said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Sabila Anata said…
wiii congrats kaa! :D and ur in Melbourne now?? this is great! hoping u a lot of fun and experiencing many adventures there :D
kalo balik oleholeh....hihihi^^
Vanessa said…
congrats yaaaa :D
pas baca gogirl edisi itu aku juga langsung ngeh itu kamu hahaha
Stella Lunardy said…
congratulations:) love your outfits in that magazine. and I ask permission to put your blog link into mine, hope you don't mind:) Thankyou!♥
noone said…
congrats on being featured! that is really exciting!!
stylefrontier said…
congratulations for the feature!!
i cant wait to go back indo as well

style frontier
Ima said…
I read it. And that's the thing that brought me to your blog for the first time. I really love your vintage style :)
Unknown said…
waaa, such a great achievement :) makasih ya udah mampir d blog aku :p have a nice daaay

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