call it a day

this unique mirror makes me look tall & thinner. awesomeness :p

nothing to share today, but i'd like to give out a set of random questions to any of you :)

pick one:
1. best friend / boy/girlfriend
2. introvert / extrovert
3. white / black
4. fame / richness
5. tons of fake friends / friendless

nyaw, i know it IS random, so... yeah :p



aww, kamu cute banget di foto pertama :D
sis, baru liat ternyata kamu orang batak yah.. wihiy kakak boru tobing kan? wah aku juga batak kak... senang membaca blog kakak, foto yg pertama cantik sekali...

anyway, salam kenal ya kak
aku follow ya blognya :)
wonderful :D haha
thanks for your lovely comment on my blog btw :)
wanna follow each other ?let me know if you want :)
stylefrontier said…
i love your green sweater dear!
looks like a great day

Hippiegonemad said…
lovely photos! and thank you so much for your sweet comment!
Anonymous said…
HI! of course I pick friendless rather than having tons of fake friends. What do you answer then?


Ariyanti Tjiang said…
thank you for stopping by on my blog dear! you look so cute on that mirror. well, I'm in the middle of all your question. LOL

keep in touch!
thank you for visiting my blog dear :D
Kim said…
awee u look so cute ^^
cool sweater !

Rebecca said…
shop with us :) many korean trendy item .. grab fasssttt

looks like you had fun! :)
makasi commentnya ya:) wanna follow each other?

Joie de Vivre
Julian Tanoto said…
love your knitted outerwear!:)

Journal J
I hope you have a wonderful day!! nice picture and it looks funny,hehe
Love the mirror effect! ;)
And I'd rather being friendless than have to live in the midst of fakeness ;) x
i wanna take a pic on that mirror too :O best friend, introvert, white, richness, friendless! (:
great photos, you look pretty in the first photo:)

Hei Echa!
Valonia Irene said…
haha yeah love the mirror effect.
and i will pick bestfirend, extrovert, black, richness, and friendless hahaha :p
Unknown said…
1. boyfriend
2. can't choose. cos i'm in between. :D
3. black
4. richness
5. friendless

Edwina - The Enigmatic
Ima said…
Love the color of your shirt! :)
1. best friends
2. mostly extrovert
3. white
4. richness
5. friendless
heeeey, pretty! up date please, i miss u! :)
SARAAAA happy bday sweet! hahahha

i get the inspiration from.... mmm random haha. seriusan, all i do is just starring at the eye-shadow palet and let my imagination do the rest!
Tanja S. said…
Thanks for the comment!I love this pictures!xx Tanja

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