sssh im in the library

peeps, pls just ignore this, it's highly unimportant, im just testing a few things with internet here in monash :p

if you've got nothing to do and insist to keep on reading it, fine! i'm gonna ask you a question then ;)

here it goes,

someone asked me this a few days ago and it got me thinking, "do i even have a type-kinda-man?"
personally, i dnt really hv tht specific type. obviously it would be just, handsome, kind, rich and you knw, tht prince kinda type. but hey, it's not a fairy tale- cinderella thingie. face the fact that the "typical-man" is rare.

so, yeah, til' now i'm like, am i so pathetic? i even hv no type of man, then how can i even get a boyfriend or smtg. well, not tht i wnt a bf so desperately, but seems like i cnt start a relationship with this blury thought of mine. oh hold on, i take it too serious, dont i?


i just think too much. exams are approaching me soon & im kinda stressed out, tht's all :p

enough said,



you'll know your type as the time passed by I guess, and anw all the best for the exam! :)
udyudell said…
well my type of man is mature guy,and sometimes silly kind a man.well it's doesnt matter actually as long he loves me and makes me laugh :p

good luck for your exam ! :D

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