i miss m(r)s. zara

i mean it.
i miss zara like freakin' crazy.
i know there're plenty other cool stores, but hey, I WANT ZARA!
"aight, stop exaggerating, tob"

here're some old ahots of mine, where i remember, a day i spent haunting 5 zara stores for a super sale. it's crazy, yes, and listen, im not a zara maniac or anything. i jst hvnt found any interest in any other brand-type-store-whatsoever-called. well, mark forever 21, topshop & pull and bear for my top=lister, but yeah, ... i just miss zara you knw.

now, i've been craving to do hard-core shopping but again, i've got no pennies dude!
and not-very-surprisingly AUD has appreciated to rp 9,300! i cant stop hearing the complaining and protesting shriek in my head. "SHOP or EAT?" gah, this one's opportunity cost is so hard to decide.
--pls excuse my business terms :p just applying some school theories into reality. lol.

i know i talked shits all the way and some photos are provided to afresh your eyes frm dull writings of mine (yeap, there're the pics ive mentioned above).
enjoooy :)

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Presticilla said…
nice post.
i like the shoes sartob hehehe :)
wow i love your style. did you know ? im envy with your shoes :( heheheheh i love leopard :)
Mrs. Aa said…
i like your shoes..
i do like zara too..specially for trf..even i could buy some stunning clothes in other stores,shopping time won't be complete if i didn't visit zara store..heheheh

check out and follow my blog if you don't mind :)

Thank You
udyudell said…
i've been asking the same question every single day... "makan enak apa baju baru??" "aduh ini bagus bgt,tapi kalo gw beli trus gw makan pake apa ntar?" grrrrrrrrrrr......i miss indo...i miss zara too :(
Hippiegonemad said…
super lovely shoes!!!

Stephani Janet said…
love all the shoes! likeys <3
o my God !!!!!

i love your leopard :(
i like the 1st pattern of your cardigan
Unknown said…
I love your leopard outer!


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