Monday, May 16, 2011


my current love necklace *smooch*

guys, im kinda looking for a nice background or blog-theme to use.
do you have any suggestion? i've been googling "free blog theme" for ages, and found craps instead. the one im using now is free too, but you knw, it's kinda too small, isn't it? and i've been using this website since last year, n they've got nothing new, so yeah...

pls help me here... thanks :):):) it would be highly appreciated, guys *smooch*

anyway, i'd like to say CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL OF MY FRIENDS who are graduated from HIGH SCHOOL! omg, time flies so fast, isn't it? aaw, you guys are gonna miss high school SO MUCH like i do...



Rosalinda Tjioe said...

Great look <3 And that necklace is awesome!


dunia kecil indi said...

waw! aksesoris kamu bagus2 banget. apalagi yg foto pertama. envy! :)
hmm, aku juga kurang ngerti kalau soal theme/backgroud blog, tapi ntar deh aku coba tanya sama temen2 yg ngerti. menurutku sih punyamu yg skrg juga bagus :)
btw, thanks a lot ya mau ikutan giveaway'nya. gak sabar baca tulisanmu :D xo.

Kartika said...

Wow, I love Melbourne! So many amazing shops. Also, where did you get that necklace from? Next time I'm over there I'm definitely going to check out that store, no matter where it is :)

xx Kartika

Prisilia Felicia said...

the necklace is really cute!!!<3
and yesh, i enjoyed every little thing on my vacation hehe
and i don't know much about blogger theme, sorry :)

Ribka said...
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Ribka said...

cool necklace! :D
it's a bit difficult to find a blog theme.. :(

Edwina said...

Whatta cool necklace, dear!!

Edwina - The Enigmatic

Dorothy Souhuwat said...

unique necklace

story of denia said...

its really nice !

Yoanda Pragita said...

hi, sar! Why don't you try to look on and ..those are my fave :)