Tuesday, May 31, 2011

pausing myself

11:16 PM 6

will be absent for approx. a month due to exams & hectic schedule, got loads of things to do including sleeping! *yawn*

anyway, wish me luck pweety pls?

see ya all soon! xx


Friday, May 27, 2011

sssh im in the library

9:39 AM 2
peeps, pls just ignore this, it's highly unimportant, im just testing a few things with internet here in monash :p

if you've got nothing to do and insist to keep on reading it, fine! i'm gonna ask you a question then ;)

here it goes,

someone asked me this a few days ago and it got me thinking, "do i even have a type-kinda-man?"
personally, i dnt really hv tht specific type. obviously it would be just, handsome, kind, rich and you knw, tht prince kinda type. but hey, it's not a fairy tale- cinderella thingie. face the fact that the "typical-man" is rare.

so, yeah, til' now i'm like, am i so pathetic? i even hv no type of man, then how can i even get a boyfriend or smtg. well, not tht i wnt a bf so desperately, but seems like i cnt start a relationship with this blury thought of mine. oh hold on, i take it too serious, dont i?


i just think too much. exams are approaching me soon & im kinda stressed out, tht's all :p

enough said,


Monday, May 16, 2011


2:09 PM 10

my current love necklace *smooch*

guys, im kinda looking for a nice background or blog-theme to use.
do you have any suggestion? i've been googling "free blog theme" for ages, and found craps instead. the one im using now is free too, but you knw, it's kinda too small, isn't it? and i've been using this website since last year, n they've got nothing new, so yeah...

pls help me here... thanks :):):) it would be highly appreciated, guys *smooch*

anyway, i'd like to say CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL OF MY FRIENDS who are graduated from HIGH SCHOOL! omg, time flies so fast, isn't it? aaw, you guys are gonna miss high school SO MUCH like i do...


Monday, May 2, 2011

hay may

7:26 PM 15

"kapan kawin?" "may..." "wah, bulan mei?" "may be yes, may be no"

it's may, fall season, and i'm feeling blue


Sunday, May 1, 2011

i miss m(r)s. zara

6:38 PM 9
i mean it.
i miss zara like freakin' crazy.
i know there're plenty other cool stores, but hey, I WANT ZARA!
"aight, stop exaggerating, tob"

here're some old ahots of mine, where i remember, a day i spent haunting 5 zara stores for a super sale. it's crazy, yes, and listen, im not a zara maniac or anything. i jst hvnt found any interest in any other brand-type-store-whatsoever-called. well, mark forever 21, topshop & pull and bear for my top=lister, but yeah, ... i just miss zara you knw.

now, i've been craving to do hard-core shopping but again, i've got no pennies dude!
and not-very-surprisingly AUD has appreciated to rp 9,300! i cant stop hearing the complaining and protesting shriek in my head. "SHOP or EAT?" gah, this one's opportunity cost is so hard to decide.
--pls excuse my business terms :p just applying some school theories into reality. lol.

i know i talked shits all the way and some photos are provided to afresh your eyes frm dull writings of mine (yeap, there're the pics ive mentioned above).
enjoooy :)

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